Sunday, December 19, 2010

Passing Time

With all the time we had Ambri and I got to learn more about more about each other. She taught me also how to create trinkets. I wasn't sure how much I would use a skill like this but she insisted that I learn it and start creating trinkets from as many memories as I could. I created as many as I could, however eventually I found that it was a draining task. With just a handful done I would have plenty of work to do creating all that she was hoping I would. Of course, as I finished them she looked at the memories I had recorded in them. She was fascinated with the life I had led so far. Making the memories was difficult at times, the energy that was used made everything so vivid and clear. Some of the memories I longed to relive, or to never have left. I missed my friends dearly, but knew I would be unable to join them for quite some time. When the trinket was done I felt like myself, the longing faded shortly after making them and I remembered what I wanted in life right now. I had all I needed and I enjoyed my new life here, though my past would always be dear to me my present and future were much more important.

Eventually Niracina informed us she had made a surprise in the control room. When we arrived to see what it was there were now two chairs. She had done enough analysis on the data to figure out how to interface with Ambri and also to allow two connections at the same time. We both took our place and tried out the new system. It was strange sharing my mind with not just one entity but with two at the same time. The connection was more direct, not like the connection I shared with Ambri, it was familiar as the connection was the same as before when I sat in the chair, except now there were two voices that could be in my head. This was made stranger still as I also felt the excitement and wonder that Ambri felt. It took probably a good hour for both of us to get the hang of it when we were both using the system, but once we figured it out we were then shown things that we could not normally see.

Niracina was able to see so much of the universe as we were traveling, much farther than our eyes would allow. With this interface we could see the details of far off galaxies and all their stars, planets, moons. She had access to the probes that were out there and we could explore the systems through them, seeing what they saw. She then shifted the spectrum we were looking at and we saw a symphony of energy flowing through the universe. The light touching things, causing them to reflect it to the next, watching the warmth flow from the stars and to its surrounding planets. Invisible trails where meteors went. There were also the sounds of the energies going by as well, each one unique. It was like listening to millions of oceans and breezes. With some focus on a particular sound you could listen to just it. The complexity of the universe was astounding and being able to see, hear and feel the invisible parts was truly fantastic. Time passed quickly as we explored these things and eventually Niracina reminded us that we must eat and rest, with that kind remark we both disconnected. The food was excellent, amplified by the feelings we had while in the chairs and sleep was filled with wonderful visions of the newly seen universe.

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