Thursday, December 16, 2010

A Good Design

Niracina, being born in space instead of adapting to it, was better suited to her tasks. Instead of developing around the technology that was being created she was the technology. Instead of constructing parts to be installed she grew them in place, which meant that some of the designs had to change. The more I learned of her the more I realized that she was brilliant in her simplicity. We had designed everything to use the fewest resources possible and that is exactly what she did. Her hull was incredibly strong and very thin, making it easy for her to repair it or grow more of it without having to take in a lot of resources. She was also composed of more basic elements that were readily available which meant we wouldn't be short on resources for her growth, but she had used these resources in their strongest states. The power supply had been converted to an organic one, no rare metals in it but its output was very good. The control over power usage was to be able to have as much reserve available as possible so that in any given circumstance we weren't lacking potential. The entirety of the outside of the ship was also capable of conducting energy, working as either a massive solar converter or being able to absorb ambient energy from its surroundings. The shields were improved, scanners had been implemented into them and they had been made to work all around or directionally depending on what was needed. The scanners would determine what kind of projectile was coming but there was always a generic shield active to ensure that an undetected attack didn't have devastating consequences. She was intuitive, quickly learning about her passengers and doing her best to anticipate their desires. Because she only communicated through the wrist computers and in the chair there was quite a bit more privacy, which was a concern I had at one point when Nasero had integrated into the entirety of the ship. The drives were all on par with the ones we had developed except they were completely organic. One of the more interesting things about her though was that it appeared that all of her technology would grow stronger as she did, meaning that as she matured so would it, making it much more potent in the long run. As far as weapons, she had none. My desire to not do anything destructive had been learned by her during her growth and she decided against making them, instead working on non-lethal defenses such as a disruptive signal broadcaster, one that could, if tuned right, interrupt other ships in their travels. Her other defensive technologies had been improved as well, her stealth was spectacular and even Nasero with all his various sensors could not detect her when she used them and turned off her communications. Her life support system was also a nice step in the right direction, there would be no need for massive amounts of plants due to her own ability to purify the air, meaning we could focus on just having the plants we needed for food, which reminded me that we still had work to do.

I had spent a lot of time learning about Niracina. When I finally got up from the chair I was a little stiff from sitting there so long. My first task was going to be to find Ambri and have her help me choose the plants to put in the garden, however on my way out she was already there planting the seedlings. She didn't notice my entry at first and so I watched her as she delicately placed each plant in its place, speaking to them, encouraging them to grow and produce much of their delicious fruits. After a few moments she sensed I was near and watching her, she turned towards me with a smile. She informed me that while I had been busy the ship had been constructing her room, so she took me to it to show how it looked and what she had done with it since its construction. I wasn't surprised to see the massive trinket she had made on one of the walls, the rest of the furnishings were what I had expected from her, delicate in design but sturdy and all of it very comfortable. We decided to eat our meal on the ship away from everyone else. I told her all about what I had learned and she told me all that she had planted and what she had learned in her communications with the ship as well. In the end we both agreed that this ship would suit our needs perfectly and her demeanor was very agreeable for both of us.

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