Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Untangling the Mess

It took quite a bit of time to find the ship's power source, with it being completely depleted there were no energy signatures to follow and the mess of wires and other components would constantly lead you in the wrong direction. Once I did figure out which section of the ship it was in I then had to get a small power source constructed to attempt to jump start their's again. The first thing I did was took some images of the device before disconnecting everything, I didn't want to start up the ship and run the risk of having systems I wasn't ready for come on as well. With everything disconnected it actually looked like a valid component again and the interface would be quite easy to plug in to. Once everything was hooked up and we had our shields up and ready for anything I turned on the small power supply I had brought and waited to see if the ship would come back to life.

The power generator of the ship was pretty good, it only took a small amount of energy to get the whole thing reacting again. The shock I had introduced to its systems had mearly interrupted the process which drained the power of the ship very quickly, however I was willing to bet a small battery would have brought this thing back to life. It was well constructed, though not as strong as some of the technology I had previously seen, but sufficient enough to power the ship. The remote components that drew their power from a broadcast came to life, the basic systems came online but the web did not. Once I was sure nothing I didn't want turning on was going to I went about cataloging the connections that were in place on the other components and then removing them and slowly connecting power to different systems, making sure to note which component controlled which system. It didn't take long before I hit the one that generated the energy web and dream inducer, I didn't leave those on very long once I figured out which one I did. I decided it would be best to leave those systems offline while I figured out which ones would get me into the ships database of information and give me control over the ship.

Slowly but surely I worked my way from the power source to the control panels, applying power to each component and checking its function. The process took several hours, there were a lot of wires to check and disconnect and then reconnect but once I reached the console at the front of the ship and began applying power to it all sorts of screens filled the displays. Diagnostic tests and information about the conditions on and around the ship, all the information I could hope to have. The only drawback was that I didn't know the language yet. Our communications systems had been operation for a few hours now so I started sending data back to Nasero in hopes that he could decipher the information. He was, of course, fairly busy trying to maintain his own systems on the new planet, but he committed what processing power he could to the task to help us figure out this new alien technology. Eventually he had a few of the symbols figured out and with this small amount of information we were able to find the control console that would allow me to start programming translations into the system.

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