Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Defending the System

Stopping the first device the aliens launched wasn't easy. We didn't have any offensive forces in the right position and so shooting it down was pure luck. We used an overcharged energy blast to take it down, though the blast almost destroyed the probe that created it. Of course this meant that the aliens knew some of our technology was in the area and so they sent another device shooting towards the star, this time we had several probes near the star, they easily took the device out. The more they sent the easier it got for the probes to be positioned correctly, we even started getting some scans on the devices before they were destroyed. Once we arrived Nasero already had plenty of information on the device, but not a way to deactivate the ones that had made it into the stars already. The ship had also detected our arrival, and on top of sending additional devices towards the star it also began maneuvering to engage us. I had Nasero focus on figuring out if there was a frequency we could use to penetrate the shield on the device they were sending and while he worked on that I went over the schematics we had pulled together from our scans of the device.

Evan was being kept busy trying to distract the enemy from our true intentions, he strategically fired on some of the devices and the ship itself. The ship, of course, returned fire and as strong as their weapons were they could not break our shields any more than we could their's. Once Nasero had found a frequency I had him hold off on exploiting it, instead I needed him to build a probe which would launch a mini-probe at the device using the frequency he had found, it should actually be quite easy to do considering the heavy energy that the mini-probe would be in, it wasn't going to be organic at all. Once that was done we had to releash the probe with as much stealth as possible so that the ship wouldn't shoot it down before we could accomplish our task. This was going to be risky but it would be the only way we could ensure the safety of this system. Once the probe was in position we allowed the next device that was releashed to get past our offensive attacks and our probe shot the mini-probe at it. We only had moments to find out if it worked, otherwise we needed to destroy that device as well. When we received the signal that the device had been infected with our technology we allowed it to enter the star.

Of course, the first thing the aliens did was turn on the device. We had no way of getting out of the system at the moment and we began to pick up signals of other ships approaching. We turned up the power on all the weapons and did our best to take out the first ship. With our numerous probes assisting we were making some progress against them and as our weapons began to weaken their shields the infected device reported that communications had been severed and the device was now under our control. We didn't hesitate a moment to change the shielding the device was sending out, blocking all inbound and outbound travel in this system. Nasero informed us that it had worked, the other ships were stuck outside of the bubble the device had created around this solar system. We now had nearly complete control over this system and once this ship was destroyed we would complete that control. It took about another half an hour to destroy the ship, it had started to retreat when it lost communication with the rest of the fleet, but since it couldn't leave we had to make sure it was destroyed. The blast from the ship's destruction caused a slight power loss in our systems, which made us realize that we would be vulnerable for a moment every time we destroyed one of them. It probably was a combination of their power supply and their gravity drive, when they were destroyed it produces a field of energy that disrupted other energy around it, we would have to see if there was a solution, but for now we had a perfect opportunity to get some more materials and learn about their technology. We deployed numerous probes to gather up everything they could and had them construct a separate station to hold any potential survivors.

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