Sunday, November 7, 2010

Full Power

The beautiful thing about the technology we made with the crystals is that no matter what it was it had full force power regardless of how strong our own energies actually were. It absorbed a tiny amount and then boosted its own output to maximum. This made creating a shield technology very easy, we made sure to make multiple points on the ship where it was generated, this way we wouldn't have a single point of failure in our defenses. The wonderful thing about the shield force was that it was good against all types of attacks, we tested everything we could come up with against it. The power attached to it made the shield very strong, constantly replenishing what was being used by blocking things from getting through. The next technology we started to develop was stealth. Ambri had been able to supress her powers which made her very difficult if not impossible to detect if you didn't know she was there. It took some time but she was a good teacher and eventually all of us knew how to do this. The problem was then trying to find a way to implement it in technology so that we could use our powers while remaining hidden.

After some more testing on this we came to realize that this was another type of mindforce, the power to disguise yourself. It was a very subtle power, hard to detect at all which made sense given what it was doing. Once I had sensed it I found a way to implement it into the shield force, meaning we could be protected and stealthed at the same time. Upgrading the shields was easy at this point and we soon were able to send out some probes that had a hard time detecting us, though they could easily see us given our size, but visually spotting a ship in space is a difficult task when you don't know where to look. Once all of this was done Ambri and I returned to our training, we both desired to be able to defend ourselves apart from technology.

Sensing the output from the technology had made us realize just how weak we still were in our powers and so we both pushed ourselves to the limit. She worked on her control over the offensive powers while I worked on my defensive ones. As each of us grew stronger in these powers we noticed that our energy reserves were increasing, making it easier to train longer. We also noticed that the better we got at it the less energy it took to create the same effect, which gave me hope in eventually being able to create wormholes without completely depleting my energy. At one point our individual powers had increased to the point that we wanted to test them and so we began sparring a bit. Her blasts of energy would nearly deplete my shield every time, however I would be able to replenish it before the next attack came. It was fascinating watching her use each of these powers. The crystals on her face and body would glow with the color of the force she was using, which we realized could be a hinderance if she were in a fight against something that had enough intelligence to notice this as it would allow the thing to see what was coming and defend itself accordingly. She continued to work on her control, trying to find a way to use the energies without showing which one she was about to unleash and eventually found a way to start tricking me in which energy was about to come. She initially charged up one type, creating the appropriate glow, and then right before she cast it forth she would change the gathered energy into a different force, giving you only moments to compensate for the change. This eventually lead to her mixing the colors that were coming out so that you never knew what to expect. Despite the crystals not always telling you what was coming it was still beautiful to watch, they shimmered with the light of her energies and made her tattoos look like they were swirling. She was definitely a very interesting species.

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