Friday, November 5, 2010

Moving Around the Ship

The hard part had been linking locations together, the technology had been quite easy given all the pieces had already been created and tried. The materials that had been gathered for the tube system were no longer necessary with this technology. Using a number of crystals we could now translocate to the different locations on the ship and using different sensors we could tell exactly who was using which crystal and either allow or deny access to different areas. This allowed us to further close off the area we were living in from the habitat and allowed us additional safety from the labs and training facility. Once I had finished installing the last translocation terminal I went to see how Evan was doing.

He had more than accomplished his task using these crystals. He had exceeded the power output of his former power supply so much that the technology now seemed obsolete. Not wanting to waste resources with inferior technology we upgraded all deviced that had power supplies attached to them, which meant redoing everything I had just done, but it was worth it. The efficiency was much better and the technology could be made smaller, meaning we could make more of it given the limitation we still had in the resources the technology was using. Evan then implemented the new technology I had made into his systems as well, giving him additional abilities and boosting them much farther than they had been. With all this technology it made knowing how to use the different aspects of mindforce almost unnecessary, however I remembered the folly of relying too much on technology for your abilities. I left Evan and Nasero to their workings and went to the training room, I needed to continue my studies into the abilities of my mind.

I was surprised when Ambri came to join me, she said she needed to learn some of the forces I knew, the ones that could be destructive. This surprised me given her attitude towards the weapons earlier, however I understood her feelings in this, she didn't want to be helpless again if another creature were to come after her. I agreed to teach her what I could and in turn asked her to teach me her unique force powers.

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