Saturday, November 13, 2010


Nasero and Evan took some time analyzing the design. They marvelled at the simplicity and effectiveness of the device. When they asked how I had thought of it I simply told them of my dream, a concept neither of them understood. It took awhile to explain to them what a dream was and how it worked and how for humans at least it can be a wonderful source of inspiration. They understood my words but the depth of the understanding wasn't much, they decided to simply accept my strange visions story and go back to work.

Nasero spent a good deal of time analyzing the data and upgrading his systems to compensate for the increased speeds. The colors that we saw had nothing to do with stars, it was more the effect of breaking through that barrier to achieve the speeds we did. He would be able to detect where we were going and how close to our destination we were by sensing the gravitational forces that he could feel while in this state of momentum. The funny thing about it, as he explained, was that he could feel the forces were in existence but they had absolutely no impact on him, there was no drag and no pull in the direction of the force, it was just there. Meanwhile Evan was off working on understanding the drive better and trying to find a way to improve it, particularly the accoustics that were formed when it was used as those really made stealth impossible.

As interesting as the data was that he was digging through we quickly were bored of all the science, both Ambri and I felt that our desires were to better understand our forces and so we went off to work on them a bit more. I remembered the creature that had first shown us the inadequacy of our sensors, it had been completely stealthed against technology and to the naked eye. I hadn't seen the creature much since our encounter with it though I knew it still existed somewhere in the habitat, I had been able to sense it just not find it again. I told Ambri about it and how much that one encounter had taught me about learning to use my mind more. The short story made her smile and she said that on her planet that was how one learned about their powers was from observing the things around them and that most of their abilities had been learned first by the creatures she grew up around. I knew this was how humans had also learned some things, though we never really admit to it because of our egos. I pondered this thought while we trained.

When we were informed that Evan had upgraded all the ships drives using some of the data Nasero had provided him we went back to the control room to witness the test. As the drive powered up Ambri put her hands over her ears and I prepared for the typical blast of sound, however the ship slipped silently through the barrier and we once again saw the brilliant colors. I was surprised by this and it must have shown on my face because Evan started laughing at the two of us. He said the accoustics problem was easy to solve, the major problem he had been working on was getting the engines to all work together to improve the speed of the ship. Nasero had also designed a star map that would show where we currently were, this was a very nice feature to have. They then surprised us further by demonstrating that they had also found a way to change direction while performing this jump which meant we were no longer limited to a single destination. All of these changes were wonderful, but the best part was yet to come.

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