Sunday, November 14, 2010

What Limitations?

When Evan informed us that the engines had not fired up completely we weren't quite sure what he meant, it looked like we were traveling pretty fast. He then fired up the remaining engines and the colors increased in intensity and the dot moved much faster across the virtual universe. Evan at this point took control of the steering of the ship while Nasero continued to modify his systems as he gathered more data. It seemed the longer we were going at these speeds the more information that we were getting. We wove in and out of star systems, trying to allow Nasero all the time he needed to learn about being in this layer of space. It still wasn't as fast as a gravity jump, but it was much faster than the previous method we had been using to maintain time in travel between stars. When Nasero had all the information and had made the modifications he needed to, Evan powered the engines up further.

I couldn't believe what was happening, these two had made enough modifications to the designs in less than a day to make space travel seem like a thing of ease. It only took seconds to travel between star systems now and I wasn't even convinced that we had reached the limit of the engines. Nasero once again took the time he needed to gather more information and to make modifications. The major factor that played a role in our ability to navigate seemed to be the lack of friction in this layer of space, we could push things farther and farther. I was sure with just a little more time these two could exceed the gravity drives' abilities and we would have no problem pursuing the old ship. It was amazing to think of what was possible with this hybrid of force energy and technology, it seemed as if we no longer had any limits.

As the day wore on things continued to change, the colors that were being shown were slowly filtered out through the upgrades and we could start to see what was actually there, the speed of the ship could be easily adjusted if anything of interest were in the area and we could investigate a location in space before we commited to stopping. We decided that it would be good to start our search for the other ship, it would take quite a bit of time to find it and what better time to look for it than when we were testing and improving the system we would use to locate it in the first place. Our star maps continued to improve, at first it was just the stars and then we added the planets and their individual moons, we worked on mapping where asteroids would be and developed the system to predict where things would be and at what point events would happen. As we passed hospitable worlds I wondered what kind of life we might find when we were able to explore them. As I daydreamed about what could be in the future with this technology Ambri was busy looking over the maps we were generating, I knew she was looking for her home planet but we simply had not passed it yet, though I was sure we would find it eventually.

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