Monday, November 8, 2010

Ambri's Arrival

She simply was a wonderful cook, she could take any of the plain fruits and vegetables and make a magnificent feast from them. The food that Ambri prepared was delicious, filling and restoring. Almost everything gave you this boost of energy. After having such a wonderful meal I felt it was time to try again to make a wormhole. I started off just feeling the flow of the energy, not trying to force it but more to harmonize with it. Once I had a good feel for it I tried gathering a bit of it. Everything seemed to be going well, as the energy built up I could feel its potential, it was nearly ready when Ambri appeared in the room. I nearly lost my concentration due to this, I simply was not used to people just appearing without a sound where I was, however I maintained most of the gathered energy and continued collecting it. As the ability to manifest the wormhole came closer to reality Ambri seemed a little uneasy but she watched intently as I worked on shaping the first non-technological wormhole I'd ever seen.

That thing drained me faster than anything I'd ever tried before, the wormhole lasted all of a few seconds before I could no longer maintain it. Ambri's jaw had dropped open when it first appeared and had remained that way for as long as it took me to get back to my feet after losing all my power. I looked at her and asked her why she was so shocked about the wormhole, I had described it to her before. My voice brought back her wits and she suddenly started talking quite rapidly. I understood a little bit of what she said, something about not realizing what I had described before and having seen a wormhole once on her planet. I did my best to get her to slow down and add a few more details to what she was saying but it was no use, luckily Nasero happened to be listening to this and was able to distinguish quite a few more words than I could and let me know what she was saying. Apparently she had seen a wormhole before on her planet, when she had been fleeing the creature I killed. This wormhole had appeared before her and she had stumbled into it and the creature after her. When she had come to the other side she was in the habitat and had taken advantage of the moments she had to hide herself from the creature. When the creature arrived shortly after she did the wormhole collapsed and the creature ran off to hide from the sunlight. As I listened to this translation of the story I realized what must have happened. When we were developing the drives to travel between layers of space we must have made a complete wormhole or activated a natural one that had gone from the habitat to her home planet. This meant that once again her life had been saved by my actions. Had the wormhole not appeared the creature would have killed her.

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