Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Knowing now what I had been longing to know brought no relief. I was never meant to be naturally and so I felt I had no real place in the universe, but that didn't mean I would give it up after working so hard for it. Each blast of energy was stronger than the last, I actually destroyed a few of the objects and managed to cause some brief structural damage to the walls, but even my rage fueled attacks could not set me free. The alien continued trying to talk me out of my current actions and it wasn't until it threatened force that I finally stopped attacking the cube. Though I couldn't unleash my rage anymore I still allowed it to fuel my energies. I built up as much wormhole energy as I could, I knew it would be my last attempt at escape and so I needed to gather all that I could. As my powers reached a climax I felt something.

I had no idea she had learned to produce a wormhole, she had gathered up as much energy as she could and was trying to create a wormhole to me but she wasn't strong enough to penetrate the barrier completely either. So, with her trying to break through I used my energy as well. I felt a bond form between us as our energies reached out and connected, something different was happening and together we created the wormhole. As the alien entity and cube screamed at me to stop I stepped through the wormhole and was back on the ship. With my last ounce of energy I told Nasero and Evan to unleash all that we had on the cube, I wanted to ensure it did not have a second chance at getting me.

We had both passed out from creating the wormhole, but when I woke up I was very aware of her presence, I could sense her, feel her weariness and pain from utilizing all that energy. She sat up and looked at me, she could feel the bond as well. Our energies now seemed permanently entwined. Before we could begin discussing this Evan came in and informed us that we were fleeing from another ship, the cube had been successfully destroyed with all weapons firing on it at once, however once it was gone the ship came and had broadcast a message before Nasero had jumped. They played the message for me and I saw it was the same alien entity that had been talking to me, telling me about who I was. It was angry and demanding that I be returned to it as I was its property. I explained to all of them what it meant and where I had come from. Evan I think understood best having been the only other one who belonged to them, though he only had a fragment of their programming left in him. Each of us had evolved beyond what we were intended for and so we both felt that we deserved to live and be free from their proclaimed ownership. They currently only had a desire for me, but I was sure that if they had me they would go after Evan next.

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