Thursday, November 4, 2010

Increasing Power

The new power sources that Evan created were indeed very small, small enough to fit in a standard sized weapon cell with room to spare. He had also, with Nasero's help, increased the output to nearly the same level as the original. With a little bit more research and work he might be able to go much farther in generating power. I used his design to create a few modified power sources which I took with me to use in my own experiments. Intrigued by my modifications Evan and Ambri followed me back to the lab where I was conducting my research.

The first few attempts were complete failures, I actually blew up the refined crystals. After some adjustments however I found a crystal shape that was better suited to the energy coming from the power supply. Once I had them connected without an explosion I then worked on getting the frequencies right to allow the energy to actually do something to the crystal. The crystal constantly refused to go above a certain power level which was based on its size, however once I had everything adjusted properly the crystal recharged itself from the power source every time you used its energies. As an added bonus, the extra power boosted the output of the crystal and the charge type in the crystal didn't deteriorate with use. In effect with the combined technologies we had infinite elemental type weapons, though there was a necessary cooldown time on them based upon the size of the crystal, the materials that made up the rest of it had to be given a chance to maintain their stability. By adding on some heat syncs and putting in some coolant you could increase the rate of firing but not eliminate the need for delay in shots. When Evan saw what was possible with these crystals he asked for a few which I handed over to him and ran off to his test lab to continue developing the power systems that the ship would be utilizing. Once he was gone Ambri asked if there was any other use than weapons for these crystals.

It had been a simple question but it had still caught me off guard. It hadn't dawned on me that I was only using these crystals to find a way to defeat the creature and nothing more. There were probably many other uses for this, some more practical than destruction. I assured her that I was done developing weapons with these now and would instead focus my attention on doing good things with them. I sent the schematics to Nasero so that he could work on defenses for the ship and I got to work trying out different forces in technology. The first one I created was a healing device, it was simple enough to construct and the size of the crystal didn't have to be very large to greatly exceed our needs. Once I was sure I had a good concept of what was necessary to make the most of this technology I upgraded our wrist computers with it. This would give us the ability to heal ourselves or one another when our force energy was low. I then got to work on the next most useful technology that we could hope to get from these crystals.

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