Monday, November 22, 2010

Almost Deja Vu

In the morning Evan and Nasero still were not having any luck with the new cube, it simply would not let them in or communicate with them. They asked me to take a look at it before we went back down to the planet to enjoy what it offered and so after eating some of the fruit we had brought back I joined them in the section of the ship that had been constructed to dock with the cube. This cube looked like the other two I had seen, it was smooth, metallic and black. As I reached out to touch the surface of it the cube suddenly opened, I felt something grab hold of me and pull me forward and then everything was dark. The light from the projected screen of the wrist computer was all I had, it was like before. The cube was empty, nothing was inside, I wasn't even sure how something pulled me in. None of the technology we had developed could penetrate the walls of this cube and so I was alone. I searched all the walls but knew I would find nothing. I remembered the days when this had all started, how I felt like I had been captured and was being held prisoner. I didn't want to spend a lot of time doing this all over again and so I hoped that perhaps if I put a sensor against the wall the cube would integrate with it. It took some doing, I didn't want to break the only device I had to get the cube to be able to see me but it was the only sensor I had. It had to be modified a bit to make it a visual sensor but eventually I got it working.

I felt like I had been standing with my hand against the wall for hours, there was no sound and holding the sensor as I was doing didn't allow me to direct a projection where it would be most useful for producing light and so I was in the dark as well. Eventually I felt the device beneath my hand shift, the cube had pulled in the connectors and after I pulled my hand away I saw a little light being produced by the sensor. I then used my wrist computer to start showing it things, schematics and words to teach it how to communicate. To my surprise the cube quickly made a speaker and started to talk to me. It informed me that it already had basic knowledge of me, communications that had come from the first two cubes. It took a few more minutes for the cube to create the microphone so I could speak to it, but once it was done I asked it why it had brought me in and not the others. Its response to this was that they were not the ones authorized to be in this particular station.

Trying to extract more information from the cube was difficult, apparently I was authorized for access to this cube but I could not find out who gave the access and for what purpose. I could, however, get the cube to modify itself so that I could be more comfortable. I didn't go as crazy as before, just a chair and table, some food, drink and light. The cube continued to expand its capabilities, producing some of the technologies we had made before, it took some time however due to a lack of proper resources. When I asked about my friends and the ship that had docked with it the cube said they were still in the solar system however they were not currently docked as the cube was moving around gathering the materials it needed to grow. I continued trying to get more information out of it but it mearly stated that it wasn't quite time yet, it needed to finish its modifications before revealing its purpose. It did however ask that I send a message to my friends asking them to stop trying to hinder the progress of the cube, this I did and the cube cut off the rest of my communication attempts, apparently it was important that I remained isolated during this process.

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