Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Loud Way

After sharing her story with them they felt better. It was amazing how much emotions could affect two things that didn't know them previously. I spent the rest of the day helping them work on some ideas for the next drive to propel the ship through space, unfortunately there weren't a lot of safe, reliable options to work with. A jump drive using the translocation ability wouldn't be accurate enough and we could end up jumping into the middle of a star and there was still the same problem with wormholes of maintaining one that was long enough to be useful. After awhile I had to give up on trying to figure this problem out, I simply did not have the energy to keep going and so I turned in for the remainder of the night.

Dreams of the past, that's what I was having. My mind was remembering the technology that was on the planet, both before and after the crash. I remembered how things looked when you used the old technology for mindforce, before it had to be resynced with the planets shifting energy. My mind brought images one after the other of things that I had seen, I simply sat there and watched, not thinking much, when suddenly I heard the familiar sound of someone breaking the sound barrier in a translocation. I looked in the direction it came from and saw one person leave and then another come back, their image trailing behind them in marvelous colors. We didn't used to just jump, but we ran at high speeds and broke a barrier to achieve this feat. It had a danger to it because you had to be sure to break through the barrier before you hit something else and you had to hope when you stopped it wasn't too near something that you wouldn't be able to stop before hitting it. The main problem with the technology was that you couldn't see where you were going once you left the location you had been in. At this point I was hit with another thought and woke up, I had an idea.

It probably took half the morning to finally feel the old method of translocating again. I was so used to just appearing that my body wanted to reject the movement part, however I was determined. Once I had made a few successful jumps and had startled everyone a few times with the noise I made I believed I had enough of a feel for it to put it into some technology. I quickly got to work on the design of it, though I still didn't know how to overcome completely the blindness of the jump I knew this would be the most likely method for developing a new drive for the ship. When I had finished the design and started the construction process I finally noticed that everyone was standing behind me watching what I was doing, they all seemed a bit nervous and finally I broke the silence by asking them why they were all so stunned. It took another moment for one of them to respond, it was Evan who finally found words. He asked what I had been doing this morning that created such a noise and visual display and then wondered what the heck it was I was building. I explained to him my past with older mindforce technology and how we had improved it before I met him. It took quite a while to explain, I then told him that the technology I was building was to implement this old force into a new drive. I then explained to him the problem we faced of being able to see where we were going. This was when Nasero jumped in and explained that he had been improving his sensors and optics much farther than what we had already done. He was able to keep track of a lot of things around him and in different ways, he was sure that at least one of his improvements would still function in this accelerated state. We then got to work putting the new drive in place to take it for its first test flight.

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