Thursday, November 25, 2010


Their gravity drive was far superior to that of the previous ship. Everywhere we went Nasero could sense them coming and gaining on us until we changed direction. We had no idea how we were going to escape from their pursuit and so we just kept fleeing. Eventually Nasero sensed another, weaker gravity drive being used. He recognized it as the original ship, the one that had been trapped between the stars. This reminded us of how we had ended up in that situation and so Evan and I began developing a device that could produce the type of energy that could interfere with the gravity drive. It took a couple of hours, but luckily we had the superior power between the three ships and so we were able to continue without problem. Once the device was finished and in place we powered it up, it caused a bit of a slowdown, however this was going to be needed anyway and as the alien ship got closer we released the energy from the device. As we had hoped, the ship went far off course with the boost in energy and we were free to hide somewhere else. Luckily the old cube ship couldn't detect us very well and so we slipped away from him as well.

Once we were settled into what seemed a safe part of the universe we put ourselves into stealthed mode and waited, hoping we had escaped from those that pursued us. Evan spent some time analyzing his system, making sure none of the old code that was left would lead them to us. Nasero worked on modifying the new defense we had against gravity drives, he knew that it would have to be adjusted each time as the aliens would likely modify their systems to prevent the same thing from happening again. While they worked on those things Ambri and I sat down and began discussing what had happened and what we felt.

The bond didn't seem to weaken, in fact, it seemed to be getting stronger every moment. We tested out how strong it was and no matter where we were in the ship we could feel each others presence as if we were only a few feet from one another. It was strange to have such a connection, but in a way it was very comforting. For me it gave me something that made me feel like I belonged and for her it was just having someone special, like having one of her people alive again to share in each others joys, sorrows or anything else they might go through. It was actually a stronger bond than she was used to, among her people you couldn't feel their actual being, just their energies. She described it as witnessing the strongest memory from a trinket, but not just seeing it as they did, but experiencing it in their bodies. I didn't completely understand and so she began showing me how to see the memories contained in a trinket.

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