Saturday, November 6, 2010

New Energies

If all you wanted to know was how to defend yourself and keep yourself alive Ambri would be your ideal teacher. The energies her people used all dealt with defensive and healing techniques, though the defensive side wasn't very strong due to the nature of her home planet. Nothing there was very violent and so they only needed to be able to create a force shield when one of them happened to stumble or fall off of something. Still, once I learned to harness this energy I felt much more capable of keeping myself safe and alive. The energy she had used on me during my fight had been one that purifies and restores your body, a kind of modified healing. As I learned this one it seemed to integrate into my body, making me stronger, I felt I had a much larger reserve of energy to use once I had learned this force. For her, however, learning was not easy, her mind was not used to harnessing any violent energy at all and when we finally did have some success it was just enough to cook the fruit I had been enjoying at the time. I encouraged her to keep trying and not to give up and so she kept practicing until she could consistently create a small static spark. Once she had used up most of her energy I took some time to continue striving for more abilities. I knew the translocation ability was increasing but I needed to make sure that if I escaped anyone with me could as well, and so I began trying to harness the energy to create wormholes.

Luckily I had a lot of energy to work with from the new abilities I had already learned because even attempting to harness the right energy is completely draining. This definitely wouldn't be a desperate escape type of force, it would need to be deliberate or always plan to keep the energy you need to use it. I could at least feel the energy I needed, but drawing on it was difficult, it put a strain on your body where keeping your concentration was difficult, it made me realize why we had been relying so much on chips to harness our powers, it was just easier that way and the chips could keep us from harnessing too much. There were quite a few occassions in my attempts where I nearly collapsed from the strain of trying to gather this energy, fortunately Ambri was there to keep me from hurting myself. After a couple of hours and only a few attempts we called it a day, there would be much more time to work on this, but I knew I didn't want to wait too long to learn this particular force.

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