Saturday, November 20, 2010

Restoring Peace

The ones that had been on the escape pod were mostly slaves, the ships had belonged to their greedy government. As Nasero learned more about them we found out that their government was the one who had been breeding this death beast in order to destroy the other factions on the planet. The government was completely heartless when it came to acquiring more power, which meant that sacrificing the life on another planet was acceptable if that meant they would have more power over their own world. They weren't heavy space travelers either, their planet was actually in the same solar system, so in essence they murdered their neighbors for their own gains. I was actually kind of glad we had done what we did, most of their government had been on those ships and only a handful of slaves were ever with them. The creatures they bred had been created in a lab on their planet, there were none left, however the information was still there. As he continued learning about them we returned to their planet to find out what other defenses or forces we might have to deal with to destroy that information.

A war was in progress on the surface of the planet, because of the way they monitored things the people had witnessed the destruction of their government's forces and had revolted against what remained. The other nations of the planet had witnessed the revolt and joined in, however the people did not want them as their ruler either. A small squad of drones sent down to the planet quickly caused all fighting to stop, they all just stared at them and wondered if their time had now come as well. Evan used one of the probes to go down to the planet personally to ensure the data was deleted from their systems while Nasero projected his image to the planet surface to work out a peace among the people. A small ship was constructed from the escape pods during all of this that would return the aliens to their planet. I spent this time talking to Ambri, she would be the only one who had any right to say anything against these beings.

I understood the effect of all that we had done with this planet. We had effectively decimated their former type of government through a display of power, they no longer had any hope in their thoughts of superiority and so none of them felt safe any longer. We had shown that there are more beings that existed outside of their solar system and that they were more than capable of going where they pleased and doing what they wanted to do. We did our best to assure them that at least we meant them no harm, which was a bit difficult given the way we had destroyed their only ships capable of space travel. We explained to them why we had done what we did and once they understood what their government had done they wished to apologize. We informed them that from that planet there was only one being left, when they heard this there was much lamenting. They asked to see Ambri, to which she agreed and when she arrived they all knelt down and asked for her forgiveness. Through her tears she forgave them and then returned to the ship despite them offering her a home among them. Her response to this had been that she already had a home and a family to live with on this ship. We informed them that we would be leaving, they would be forming a new government based on our suggestions and informed them that we would be monitoring their progress to ensure that nothing like what had happened to Ambri's planet ever happened again because of them. We left some stealthed probes behind to ensure that we knew what was going on with the planet and left the system. We didn't have a target at the moment but we needed to get out of this system of death and bad memories as quickly as we could.

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