Sunday, November 21, 2010

A Little Rest

Ambri had been quiet since we left her former home. She spent much of her time in the habitat wandering and staring at the plants and animals that lived there. Evan was in his lab going over the data he had pulled from their system before destroying it. The race of aliens that had created the beast had done some cross breeding mixed with exposure to different radioactive elements to create them and he was fascinated by the information. I reminded him of our last attempt at creating things and after gleaning the good information from it that he could he erased all of it, ensuring that there was no way to recreate the exact beasts that had been so destructive. Nasero was busy growing, seeing other ships had given him some ideas to his own design and function and so he wished to adapt. We gave him free reign to do so, we really had no right to tell him that he could not grow into what he desired to.

Eventually the probes that were mapping the galaxy returned some interesting information. They had found another black cube floating in space right next to a planet that looked like a tropical resort. We wasted little time going there, Nasero and Evan wanted to learn about this cube and I wanted to spend some time relaxing on the planet with Ambri, I figured she needed to escape for a bit to help her move on from what she had gone through. The planet was fantastic, there were so many new types of fruit that were all very sweet and delicious and the planet was so green and vibrant with life. The waters along the beeches were warm and clear and so we enjoyed quite a bit of time out in the sun. She gathered many things to make a new trinket and when the sun started to set I created a fire and we sat and talked for most of the evening before returning to the ship. She had definitely enjoyed our time on the planet and the trinket she had made while we talked she gave to me. She promised to show me how to see her memories in it soon. Before turning in I spoke with Nasero and Evan, they were still gathering information about this cube and had been unable to communicate with it or get inside of it so far, it was very likely we would have another day to spend on the planet while they continued their efforts.

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