Friday, November 26, 2010

Understanding and the Future

As I learned to see her trinket memories I began to understand how this bond could have formed. Her people shared everything together, they always knew each other so well that their energies were all tied together. It was this type of care for one another that led to our bond, but because we are so different the bond changed. Her desire to rescue me from the danger she thought I faced displayed her care for me, being as I was her hero in multiple ways magnified her desires and I was the one she saw as being her new family now that her people were gone. All of this coupled with my desires to get out of my situation and then her being my life line, it wasn't just her energy I had reached out for, but to once again be reunited with her. I cared for her deeply and because of this our energies intertwined in such a way as to form this fantastically strong bond. I shared with her all that I learned, to her it made complete sense. We discussed it for quite awhile and in the end determined that even if given a chance to break it we probably wouldn't, it actually provided some comfort to both of us, knowing that nearby was someone who cared for us. The surprising thing out of all the learning was when we figured out how to send present memories to one another. Using a very similar energy to the one that created and read the trinkets we actually had a form of telepathy, we could communicate using it. When we were done we joined the other two again, we needed to start formulating a plan for remaining hidden and safe.

The first step was to upgrade all of the probes that we had. Each one of them needed to be able to stealth themselves. We also modified the communications system using the new force power we had learned, though the odd thing about it was that Ambri and I could only use it with each other and Evan and Nasero could use it with all the technology that was created to use it. With this new system in place our chances of being found were much slimmer, the energy made no traceable signal, it was more like a hive mind with them. Once the probes were all upgraded with defenses, offensive weapons, upgraded stealth and communications they were redeployed. They were given instructions to develop stations to monitor any cubes they found and to gather any valuable resources they came across. Our goal was to know where our enemies were and to try to stay ahead of them. The next logical step we decided on was to create different bases and a way to get between them. We had found several planets that had a variety of plants and animals, we deployed modified probes to those to gather information on them and to check what kind of resources were available. Wormholes would be the fastest way to get from one base to another, and so we began working on trying to develop wormhole gates that would connect to one another and we worked on making sure that they could be stabilized and be able to handle the distance and time that they would need to be open.

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