Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A Happy Story

Among her people a village was a family. They didn't really formally recognize parentage, instead the elders were the parents and all the younger ones were your brothers and sisters. Her village wasn't one of the biggest, but it was a good size. She would spend her days mostly with her sisters going about the forests looking for fruits and spending a good portion of the evening along the beautiful beaches collecting smoothed stones and shells to turn into trinkets. These trinkets played an important part of their society, every member of a village would contribute to creating a trinket to celebrate a particular event, such as the birth of another villager or their death, the coming of age or learning to harness their abilities. These trinkets would hold some of the collective memory of the villagers who built it and by harnessing the proper energy one could actually see their individual memories of the event. Often life stories would be shared simply by letting another individual hold these trinkets and see the events in their life. When an individual passed away their old trinkets were viewed and then taken apart to create their death trinket which would be kept on their place of burial, this way their life would be what was remembered instead of their passing. Often these trinkets were the ones filled with the most joy because of the memories that were brought up before its construction.

As she told me her stories I noticed her hands were absently reaching and picking up objects that sat near her, by habit she was constructing a new trinket while she recollected her life. I felt energy flowing from her and into these objects, she was imprinting these things with her memories and feelings. I learned more about her and her people. The tattoos on her were natural, they were much like palmistry is to us, they can tell the tale of a person's life if one knows how to read them. Often the lines and swirls were ignored among her people, they often didn't care about their future, but her people had noticed hers. They were so intricate and much more complex than normal ones. They showed a complex life filled with many things, too many to be understood. Her people saw joy in the lines and sorrow, though most of them didn't understand sorrow as these lines told. She was viewed as an individual of importance in her village and was being trained to be the next priestess, to interpret the lines, however her training never got very far in this as things changed shortly after it was determined. This is where she stopped in her story, she said the rest would be the same story as what she had already told me. As she took note once more of her surroundings she saw that she had constructed a very large trinket, much larger than any she had before. She hadn't even realized she was doing it. She marveled at it and smiled, it was a trinket of immense joy. I helped her hang the trinket on the wall above her bed, she wanted to keep it there so that when she slept its good memories might fill her head and help her sleep. She had exerted a lot of energy in its construction, and so she asked me to leave so that she could rest. I gladly did this, letting her get some much needed sleep. Filled with the joy that she had poured into her trinket I went back to Evan and Nasero to tell them her story.

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