Thursday, November 18, 2010

Death to Death and Back to Life

Rage is a powerful emotion, it can draw something from deep inside almost anyone, a power that is much stronger than they could imagine. Her rage was drawing forth more energy that I think she could handle and we were going to have to give her something to direct it towards, much like what I had to do when I was learning to harness the power of ice. The probe had, before it was destroyed, returned images of what was still living on the planet. The death beast was the only thing left and there were many of them. I had one of the weapons aimed at the planet and configured some energy conduits to take her energy when she unleashed it and fire it through this weapon. The attack would probably destroy the creatures, which none of us had regrets about considering what these creatures did. As she finally unleashed all her raging energy through the device we felt the chilling blast of it and the room was covered in a thin layer or frost. The conduit did as expected and sent the energy, amplified by the technology to the planet. A few of the probes close enough to see it showed us the image of ice forming over the planet and we saw the glittering light from millions of barbs exploding from the freezing of the poisons inside. We waited for about an hour before sending down some probes equipped with fire weapons to ensure the bodies were destroyed and there were none of the creatures left.

I don't think she realized at all what happened, she had fainted after unleashing all that power and when she woke up she seemed confused. I was glad she could remain ignorant of her part in destroying the creatures, I wasn't sure she ever really wanted to hurt anything. I did inform her that the only thing that had been left on her planet were the creatures and we were ensuring they were all destroyed. Despite her devastation at knowing her people were dead and she was the last of her kind she seemed relieved that the creatures were to be no more. After mourning the loss of her people in solitude she joined us once more in the control room, she was carrying a small pouch with her. Her request was simple, she wanted us to plant the seeds that she had on her planet, these seeds were all that was left of the lush plant life that had covered the planet just months before. We had the probes do as she requested and all of them confirmed with various scans that there was no other life on the planet. We constructed a few basic drones to care for the plants while they grew and to ensure their seeds spread to cover the planet once again. As we prepared to leave Nasero informed us of the approach of another ship, one that we had not encountered before.

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