Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A Sad Story

Once she had gathered her composure again Ambri ran up and hugged me, thanking me for saving her from that beast. I could just imagine what that day had been like, trying to escape from the thing you knew would kill you and having no way of doing so. To be fatigued and yet still having to strive forward or risk losing your life. She had seen many of her people die by this creature and none of them could help those that were caught. Their powers simply were not strong enough to fend off the creatures and if they used their powers they were quickly discovered and not one, but many of the creatures came running. I could just imagine the devestation when a group of these things were together. They could have easily wiped out an entire village in just minutes, and from her accounts of them they did just that. The planet she came from had been thriving, there had been so many creatures and plants and her people were numerous. They lived their lives without much care, their needs were provided for abundantly by the plant life of the planet. Then one day everything changed, these creatures started to appear from seemingly nowhere and started decimating all life on the planet. They started with animals and her people, killing anything that moved. But as the number of creatures started to dwindle they started to destroy the plants as well. The beasts seemed to hate living things in general and would destroy first the things that could defend themselves at all and then the things that were left after those were gone. After relating her story to me she quietly excused herself and went to her room. Her grief made my heart sorrowful and I could do no more training for the day, instead I went to go help Evan and Nasero continue their work on the next drives for the ship.

When I arrived in Evan's research lab I saw him standing there, staring at the projection in front of him but without any movements as if he were actually working on it. When I approached him and asked if everything was alright he simply looked at me and said how sad he felt after hearing about her story. Apparently Nasero had allowed him to hear the conversation and he had been moved as well. When I tried to verify this Evan simply sat there in his depressed state and Nasero didn't respond at first either. After a few attempts I finally got their attention and they responded that they indeed had heard the whole conversation and had been saddened by it. Knowing that both of them were not emotional beings meant that this was hard for them to handle and so I knew there wasn't going to be much point in trying to get them to move on. Slightly amused by the fact that they were affected this way but also a bit annoyed that they had listened in on the conversation I went back down to the apartment area to see if I could talk some more with Ambri.

I heard the sound of things being moved around after rapping lightly on the door. A few moments after the sounds stopped the door opened slowly and a teary eyed Ambri looked out at me. She did her best to smile, but I could see that she was filled with sorrow. She invited me in and asked what she could do for me. To this I simply told her how her story had affected Evan and Nasero to which she quickly began apologizing which I quickly stopped and said was unnecessary, instead I wanted to hear more of her story, except this time to hear about some of her happy moments in life, hopefully happy enough to change the mood in the ship.

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