Friday, November 19, 2010

A One Sided Fight

I'm pretty sure the ship belonged to whatever beings put the creatures on the planet because as soon as they were within range they opened fire on us, however our shields held up very well against their attacks. Nasero worked on trying to communicate with them however they didn't seem to want to try to talk at all. Eventually more ships were detected and we realized that we would either need to fight back or retreat. We were about ready to retreat when Ambri asked us what would happen to the seeds she had just planted down there and we realized that they might be destroyed by these aliens, just like everything else on the planet had been by their works. We fired at the first ship, the effects of our weapons were devastating, we hadn't realized how advanced we had made them, we never had much reason to fire them or test them out. After two shots the ship was severly crippled. The first shot had taken out whatever shielding they had and the second shot had destroyed a significant portion of the ship. The rest of the ships ceased firing when the first was so badly damaged. Nasero noted that the weapons had only been powered up about ten percent. We then began getting responses to Nasero's communication attempts.

It took awhile for Nasero to be able to decipher what they were saying. When he finally started to be able to understand them he confirmed that they were very pissed at what we had done and they had indeed been the ones who put the creatures on the planet. I had him send a message back asking them for a good reason not to destroy them all right now for doing what they did to this planet. I then had Nasero begin charging the weapons, if they couldn't come up with a good reason we were going to have to make sure all the ships were destroyed or risk having yet another thing pursuing us. Their response was that they needed these creatures to multiply and to do that required that they had plenty of things to destroy, the creatures were a military weapon and they were their people's hope of conquering their enemies. It didn't take but a moment for all the weapons that fired to hit their targets.

Everything had been crippled or destroyed in just one shot, their technology was clearly very poor when it came to defenses. We had the probes gather up any valuable resources from the wreckage, they also found a few escape pods with some of the beings still alive. We had Nasero construct a chamber to hold them in so that we could get some better information about these death beasts and where they came from and why these aliens were so heartless as to destroy an entire civilization of beings in order to breed their weapons. As their pods were docked and they were unloaded into the chamber Nasero began work on further developing his ability to communicate with them. The ones that were left from our attacks seemed more than willing to speak to him this time and without any mention of how wrong we were to do what we did. I believe they realized now that they had first declared war on us by their actions.

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