Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Power Progress

The initial power supply they were able to construct was not nearly as good as the original, there were simply too many technological advances in the one that already existed for us to replicate with simple scans. However the scans were able to show us enough to start to learn the power producing properties of this material. They continued to work on learning more about these properties and increasing the output of the first generation one they constructed while I constructed a new vehicle using the current version of the power supply to get around the habitat, this was by far a much faster process. Ambri joined me to go back to the cave and gather some data on the crystals there, she now understood a little bit more about the forces we had power over and that potentially she could learn to use more of them. I also took the time we had to teach her to drive the vehicle, luckily I had used some good materials as there were a few times we didn't go quite where she was anticipating.

When we arrived at the cave we gathered up a few more samples of the crystals and ran some initial scans on them to determine how they interacted together and their range of connectedness. She also went into a few of the deeper tunnels I never got to explore and came back with a few more of her personal possessions, mostly things she had made while here to help her survive but also a few things that were clearly just trinkets she had made. When I asked her about these she just smiled and said they were things she made to help her remember. The scans of the crystals turned up some interesting results. It seemed the crystals were in fact a more stable form of fragments, and not just one but all of them working together to form this new substance. The crystal appeared to be very durable and nearly as hard as diamond, though I had no way of knowing for sure for lack of a good sample to test against. Adjusting the refiner to allow this substance to be manipulated was surprisingly easy, mostly due to the fact that the energy these crystals put out gave a lot of information about the substance itself, at least signals that technology could easily understand. As we prepared to leave with the additional samples I noticed that the spot I had removed the first crystal from seemed to be growing a new one, this gave me hope that this wouldn't end up being a very limited resource for us.

When we returned to the complex Evan and Nasero had constructed the second generation of power supplies, I upgraded the one in the vehicle and then found out that they were going to use the new one to power Evan and his would be removed for further study. I was a bit apprehensive about this plan but they assured me that the output of the new generation one would exceed the energy needed for him to function and that the future generations of this power supply would probably equal the original once they were able to get a closer look at it. The process was a bit more hands on and so Evan, once his power supply had been swapped, did most of the work for this, which allowed us to take advantage of Nasero's free time and have him start work on the new forward section of the ship to have a complete control room and apartments for each of us as well as some common rooms that we would share.

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