Monday, November 1, 2010

How the Fight was Won

The new refining room worked as we had hoped. The material responded to the cold and energy as hoped and we were able to refine it. Once refined the material could be worked like most any other material, though it was a lot stronger. We positioned the ship closer to the star in this system to increase our available power for the refining process. While this was going on we had Nasero grow another room that could do scans of larger things that couldn't be taken apart. This room we were going to use to get better scans of Evan's internal power supply, these scans would hopefully show us how to replicate the technology. During this time I got to work designing a new forward control room, I knew it would be easier to control the ship if we were to have a secure location where we wouldn't have a threat of a legion of angry creatures coming to destroy us. Along with the control room I also developed a few other rooms, individual rooms for Evan, Ambri and me. The materials we needed for Nasero to grow these rooms were lacking, and so they would have to wait until we got to the next good source of nutrients for him.

Once the material was completely refined all of Evan and Nasero's efforts went towards researching and replicating the power supply. I took manual control of the ship and began steering towards a planet that was rich in organic matter that could feed the ship's growth. During our trek to this planet I learned more about Ambri. She hadn't evolved on this ship as I had originally thought, though we had trouble figuring out how exactly she got here. The creature that I had killed with her help had also come from the planet she had lived on, though it had not originated there. The creatures had appeared one day, appearing to have been deposited there by some other race of aliens purposefully, though this was only speculation as they never witnessed how the creatures appeared there. When they showed up they began decimating the population of her people. There were only a handful left when the one I had killed had been pursuing her. The creatures were ruthless, they killed just to destroy other things, they never ate what they killed. Her people had no way of fighting, they were a peaceful race and knew nothing of the destructive forces of energy that the mind could deal with, which is what amazed her about me. She had been hiding from the creature when she saw me and had been following at a safe distance and trying to hide her energies to keep from being found. She witnessed my fiery wrath unleashed against an inanimate object which had at first frightened her but those fears abated when I had calmed down and had started wandering around like a more rational being. When the creature came after me she thought my life would be ended but she watched anyway, trying to learn how I had done what she saw earlier. When things looked bleak she had used some of her powers to help me, which would mean the creature would come after her next, having detected her energies. When her energy had turned things around she continued to use them subtly to help and the poisons effects had cleared enough for me to finish off the creature. As she saw the progress of the final bit of the fight she realized that I would die killing this thing because I had no time to get out of its way and so she had run and thrown herself into me to knock me out of the way, she had been hit a bit by the creature in the process but not enough to cause any life threatening injuries. She had then lied there awhile recovering and when she had recovered enough she moved me to the cave she had been staying in to keep me safe from the other creatures that lived in the habitat. As she finished telling me her story we had arrived at our destination and Nasero began deploying probes to bring back the resources he needed. He and Evan then got back to work trying to replicate the power supply and I thanked Ambri for saving my life, she in turn thanked me for saving hers by destroying that death beast.

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