Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Growing Ship

The first thing I got to work on when I awoke was creating a new wrist computer for myself, I wanted to modify it a bit to let it analyze some of the energy the crystals put out and also to be able to do some minor refining and crafting. I created a second one as well for Ambri, however this one didn't have to do the additional functions. When I had finished constructing these things I went out to gather some fresh fruits for breakfast. By the time I returned Ambri was up and learning some more from Nasero, as I walked in she greeted me warmly and asked if what I was carrying was breakfast. I told her it was and she took a break and we ate. It was nice to have company at the table for once, neither Nasero or Evan needed to eat and so most of the time I sat alone during the meal time while they continued working. She had learned quite a bit and our conversation was much improved from the day before. I told her about the wrist computer I wore and the one I had made for her, she seemed to like the idea that she would be able to have access to Nasero's teaching from anywhere in the habitat. I also learned during our conversation that Nasero had been learning her language as well, which meant I would be able to take some lessons as well, but those would have to wait as I needed to find out what else those two had been up to while I had been confined to the tunnels.

After the meal Ambri went with Evan to learn about some of the functions of the technology we had constructed and I checked on the new systems they had developed. Nasero had continued to grow and as he got larger and consumed more of the ship things continued to improve. He had learned with the help of Evan how to make his body go transparent in desired locations, meaning we could have windows and allowing him to let natural sky show when and where he desired it. He could also continue to simulate a sun passing through the sky as well when there wasn't a star close enough to do the day cycle. The engines had been improved as well, we were able to quickly move about in the local solar system, however we still hadn't come up with a good way to go between them. They had been unsuccessful in their efforts to refine the strange material that made up the power supply, though they did notice that a small piece had gone missing. That reminded me that I had taken some with me when I had found that death beast. I reached into my pocket and pulled out the lump that was in there, to my surprise it was in two pieces and partially refined. My mind raced back to what had happened during the time I was gone. I remembered that the thing had seemed completely indestructible and I had placed it back in my pocket after letting all my frustrations out against it. I had then wandered around for awhile before realizing it was getting late and heading back to the building. That was when the creature had come, I had fought it to the best of my efforts, though many parts were still hazy due to the poison I had to endure during the fight. The creature had done nothing special during the whole fight, no strange energies or anything to really break this substance, plus I didn't have a hole in that part of my clothing. Then I remembered when I had been fighting and had caused the spikes on its body to explode, I had felt something hit my leg, but there was no evidence that anything had struck that spot. In fact, the cloth had no stains on it. Then it struck me, I had been using ice and electric energies against it, a combination we never thought to try against this material, which could explain how we were able to mine it. The cold from space would have made it fragile and the energy from the mining equipment would have split it apart. I informed Nasero of what I thought may have happened and so he got to work growing a new refining facility along one of the outside walls. He would be able to control it and allow the cold of space in that area which would make it possible to test my theory without having to risk losing the substance in space.

While the new facility was busy growing I went out to see how Evan and Ambri were doing. He was obviously delighted with the joy she had in every little thing, both of them were extremely excited to see me. I was about to tell them of the news of our potential discovery but they interrupted me. Evan was trying to tell me of what he had learned from her in regards to her force ability while she was trying to show me everything she had learned to do with the equipment at her disposal. I laughed and stopped them both and allowed each one their turn to tell me everything that was on their minds. When that was done I was impressed with her abilities and excited to try out some new force energies with Evan, however that would have to wait as once I told him about our discovery he rushed off to help Nasero with the research. This left Ambri and me to go about our own business. She asked me many questions about how things worked and once in awhile had to stop and figure out how to ask what she was trying to with the assistance of her wrist computer. We were both a little surprised when we noticed the night cycle had begun and went inside to see how the other two were doing.

There had been a few things to consider in the growing of the new facility, Evan needed to be able to access it for some of the research and so they had to add an air lock for it. Nasero would also have to be able to tether to him to help regulate his bio-mechanical body, I hadn't realized how much they had changed his system. Evan and Nasero had clearly grown together, they had a new bond and control of everything seemed to be shared. Evan didn't have any desire to return to being a ship and Nasero was completely content being the ship now, and they simply used each other to experience the parts they were missing. I knew that when we had a fully functional ship it would be Evan who was the captain of it, he knew it in and out. As they finalized all the parts of the new research facility I knew things were going to turn around again for us, we would find a way to move out of this system and once again pursue our goals, the first of which would be to take out the evil thing that had stolen the original ship and hopefully get back all the knowledge we lost with it. Though, I didn't think that all of the knowledge from the old ship would necessarily improve the current ship. There were similarities between the two, but having a ship that could harness mindforce powers was definitely going to be to our advantage and I wasn't sure some if the old technologies could be used with the new design. I suppose we would only be able to figure that out once we caught up with the other ship, however long that was going to take.

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