Friday, October 22, 2010

Better Than Dunkel

We didn't have time to make a physical projectile, however if all of us were to charge the same force and fire them together at this thing through an amplifying weapon we might just do enough damage to break off some large chunks. It took Evan about 5 minutes to construct the conductive weapon and attaching it to one of the mining stations took me another 10 minutes, it really did help to be able to translocate again. Once it was hooked up we all frantically started charging what we could of electric energy, Nasero greatly outdoing all of us due to his size and the fact that he could use the solar panels to help. Once the meteor was in position we fired our energy at it and waited for the impact.

Something in that meteor had been very volatile. The explosion shook the ship and the meteor was completely broken up. To our delight quite a few chunks rich in the resource were slowly moving in our direction now, we wasted little time starting the mining stations and as the nearest chunks were mined dry we moved on to the next. Nasero took care of navigating and mining up as much of the resource as we could get while Evan and I started evaluating the material to figure out how best to work with it. If we could get this right we might have enough power to actually go somewhere completely different.

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