Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A Wicked Idea

It really was an interesting idea. I always found it funny that some of the best ideas come when you aren't really thinking about them, in this particular instance the idea woke me up. I knew I had some time to kill before we had some engines to test out and improve and so I needed to occupy my time. The idea was definitely going to make that possible. As I prepared to implement this idea I constructed anything I might need, this could definitely go wrong. I started out by making some armor, something sufficient enough for any of the creatures I would be likely to come into contact with and also crafted a basic sword, something to use as a backup in case things didn't quite go as planned. I packed up the items in the car along with enough food to get me through a couple of days, I was anticipating this plan taking some time. I told Evan I would be deeper in the habitat while he worked on things. He said that should be fine, if he needed anything he'd let me know through the wrist computer. I then set out to for a more hostile area, I knew I'd be risking a bit in this but it would be worth it, I knew that doing this would require some adrenaline for an energy boost.

When I arrived at the location I desired I put on my armor and had my sword at the ready. I then started playing around with the energy flow I had felt the other day, mostly I did this for my own amusement but I also was trying to get a feel for it. After a little while I felt some creatures approaching, there were probably about five of them though they were quick and kept close together making it difficult to know for sure. As they drew near I could hear them, they were small but from what I knew of the evolution of the creatures here these ones were particularly vicious and could take down the creature I had fought before. I wanted to make sure to put them on their guard so when they were close enough I lit up the bushes they were hiding in. As they scattered I could see their eyes glow, they had red eyes and looked demonic. There was nothing in them but anger and hatred, these were killing machines. As they scattered and surrounded me I could tell their numbers a bit better, though it was still hard to focus long enough to get the exact count, but it felt like seven. As one of them charged me I only had a moment to gather a familiar energy to protect myself, the creature seemed hardly phased by the electricity though it did move a little farther back than the rest. The next one I felt coming a bit sooner and charged up the new energy, it was odd to balance it for use as a means of defense but I had enough of a feel for it to make it work. As I unleashed the energy on this creature I felt its energy shift, though I couldn't tell where as the others were charging now as well.

Three left, at least I hope that's all there was. As I stood there with the damaged armor and the corpses of two and a half of them I knew I'd be able to try again my new force attack on them. They charged again and this time I was able to dodge two and throw for the third time the new force at the last. To my delight I was able to keep track of it this time and as the creature vanished I felt it reappearing though not where I intended. I had translocated it outside the ship and its energy only lasted a moment before the creature expired in the vacuum of space. At least this time I knew what happened, the first one had just vanished and the second had only been half successful. With only two left I would be able to gain a little more focus to try to send them where I needed. It was definitely a better idea to use a creature as a test subject instead of just translocating myself. As they charged again I used the translocation energy on them, they both vanished this time and I successfully sent them about fifty meters away, however the energy of what appeared there didn't feel quite right. As I approached the spot they had been moved to I beheld a writhing mass, I had accidentally fused them together in the jump. At least I had hit the mark in the jump, I just hadn't kept the energy together properly. It was progress at least, though I still wasn't sure what happened to the first one I had thrown in this manner. I made sure to kill the two I had just thrown and then headed back to the vehicle, I was exhausted from the fight and hardly had the energy to heal my wounds, but I made sure I did and then settled into the vehicle to rest, tomorrow was going to be much more interesting.

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