Tuesday, October 12, 2010


With all the improvements in the tools and with the virtual manufacturing we have been making great progress. Evan went nuts while I was sleeping and had all the tools fixed up to their new versions, he even made a wrist computer for me to wear to help me communicate and also to use the new tools, some of which were built into the new device. It was fantastic to see the technological advances he made in such a short time. Resources were becoming less of a problem as the mining station was able to reach farther and pull in more minerals. I began working on the next bit of technology we were going to need if we had any hope of escaping our current situation. I remembered just enough about engines to start working on one, my goal was to recreate one of the vehicles I had enjoyed driving. I worked on this project throughout the morning and well into the afternoon before Evan joined me in making it happen.

I had it almost completely modeled when he came back to lend a hand in the project. It wasn't functional but he had an idea of what pieces I was missing, it seemed to make sense. As he continued working out the kinks in the design I set out to learn the next force that I knew I would eventually need. Translocation was a dangerous force to play with and I needed to remain focused as I felt it out. The problem wasn't going to be in jumping but in knowing where I would land. A wormhole would probably be easier to control, but unfortunately I had never made one on my own and it was just a more advanced form of translocation anyway. The more I worked on this force the more I felt the danger in it, each time I worked on locking a location I felt my energies flowing in the wrong direction. I really was going to need a safer area to work with this, probably an entire planet where I couldn't jump to my death. I decided to give the practice of this a break and see how Evan was doing with the vehicle.

As expected he had exceeded my hopes. The vehicle had been made and was in perfect working condition. He had even started construction on improved engines, not for the vehicle but for the ship. The vehicle we would leave as it was, it would be a way for me to get around faster and to have a little bit of fun while the engines were being designed. The project would probably take a few days of effort which was significant considering how quickly he worked, but it would be worthwhile. Even if we only moved as fast as the car through space we would eventually be able to reach a different location and possibly I would be able to work more on the forces I needed to learn.

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