Saturday, October 9, 2010

Improving the Tools

It's so very odd to wake up and have new things to play with. Evan has been very busy, he continues to work when I have to sleep. He finished extracting the resources he could reach which for him is plenty. He is very talented at extracting as much as possible from what he gets his hands on. He has even reused all the old technology already. He did find some valuable minerals that he is saving to create expansions on the hull of the ship, these expansions should allow him to reach farther resources and aim quite a bit more at them. What he had constructed last night was an improved solar array on the main complex and a central control system for all other technological locations he would construct, currently the only one was the mining expansion however he assured me there would be many more and that being able to control them from one location would save us a lot of time. The console had an interactive holographic interface, I was glad we didn't have to redevelop this because he had done most of the work the first time. He informed me that his project for the day would be to finish his upgrades to the mining station and then work on a storage center for all the potential resources, currently we didn't have anything in place to store the heavy energy in and so the room he had constructed was very full of raw and refined resources. As for my choice of tasks for the day, I decided today would be a good day to start developing some new technology for us to use.

It took quite a while to gather the resources from the storage room and bring them back to the main building, I was definitely going to be looking forward to having the heavy energy storage system again. Once I had all the materials I needed I got to work using the refiners to construct the various components for the device. When the pieces were finished I put everything together and then got to work modifying the refiners to plug into this new construct. Modifying the devices wasn't quite the easiest thing to do, Evan had constructed them very well and hadn't anticipated them needing to be plugged into something else, however with some effort I was able to get them connected. Once I was done with the construction I connected the machine to the power system and tested it out. I had designed it to be controlled by the main system, there was no point in having multiple locations with the same technology when there was only two of us so it was easier and saved us some resources. As I was finishing up my tests of the new system Evan returned, he had just finished constructing the new heavy energy storage system and upgrading the first mining station. With the new storage system in place I was able to finally finish up my project by integrating the two systems. I then showed Evan our new toy.

Creating our technology in the new virtual environment made it much easier instead of hand crafting all the pieces. With access to the resource storage it would also be much more effective as it could all be constructed together into a finished product. Evan marvelled at it, he hadn't even thought to virtualize the process to save on waste and allow for even smaller components. He wanted to play with the system a bit more and construct a second generation of it that would itself use less resources and require fewer controls, to this I gave him permission, I didn't mind him upgrading everything I created, I knew we needed to be as efficient as possible. With this project done I called it a day and left him to his work.

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