Monday, October 18, 2010

Nature Does Better

As we drew near to the engines I could feel the energy, it was definitely something organic though it wasn't a type of mindforce. This energy was something new. We looked around for what might be causing it and installed some optics near the engines to see if it was something following us, however there was nothing there. The energy seemed to be building however with nothing seeming to be emitting it we were stumped as to what was going on. It wasn't until the engines stopped that we thought to actually check the equipment.

Apparently when Evan had stopped using fragments on the habitat to make it evolve that didn't stop them from being produced. It appears now that once the fragments are in an ecosystem that the evolution will continue. The new evolution we encountered was in the plant life that was near the engines, we hadn't noticed the tiny fibers stretching from the ground and going into the engine. It was strange what had grown, the part connected to the ground didn't look like what was growing on the circuitry, it was like the plant evolved mid-growth. We knew we needed to get the engines going again and so we started off by cutting the strands that were going from the ground to the circuitry. Once all the ties to the ground were severed the engines started up again. We decided to do some scans and run a few tests to find out how this was possible and what exactly these plants were doing.

Its funny how when we try to create something it fails, however when it happens on its own in nature it works beautifully. The plants, being so close to a potential new type of food source grew and adapted to the engines. As they went in and were exposed to the solar energies that were being fed into the system they continued to adapt and consume what was in there, then as the engines started to lose their ability to function the energy slowed and that's when the plants, now adapted to living in this environment changed again. The plants were consuming the circuitry but replacing it with their own organics, essentially creating biocircuitry. The reason the engines stopped was that the plants that were connected to the ground started pulling the energy that direction, making a path to ground that killed the engines. The tests on the engines showed that they were running much more efficiently, the energy going into the system was being used better. As we continued to observe the growth of these new plants we noticed that they started to improve the structure of the engine, they made it so that no other plant life could get in like they did. We decided to install some sensors in the engines and a few optics to keep an eye on what was going on and then closed it up, it would be interesting to see what kind of environment the plants ended up making in there.

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