Thursday, October 21, 2010

As Excited as Children

With the radar keeping track of the creatures I could focus on finding one in particular that I wanted. I sought out my cat-like friend, if he were up for it I wanted to do some training with him, hopefully he would understand what I was wanting. He wasn't difficult to find, he seemed to stay close and I knew his energy pattern very well. When I found him I gave him a bit of food and patted him on the head, he was definitely used to my presence. I then stood up and backed away a few feet, charging a bit of electric force while I did so. At first he peered at me with question in his eyes, but then seemed to understand and adjusted his energy again mine. I then fired the first shot and then braced myself for the return.

I was nearly numb by the time we finished training. I had taken so many of my own electric attacks back that I almost feared to charge up another. I had, however, learned a bit about deflecting the attacks, not quite as well as my friend did but enough to make the blow a bit less, I assumed with some more practice I might be able to do as he did. When I arrived back at the control building Evan and Nasero seemed very excited about something and as they tried to tell me what it was my mind, which was still fuzzy from the shocks I took, just couldn't keep up with them. I asked them to slow down and speak one at a time, however in their excitement it just wasn't happening, it was like having two children vying for your attention. Instead of trying again to get them to slow down I instead asked them to show me in a projection.

I could hardly contain my own excitement when they showed me what they had found. It was a passing meteor that scans showed contained a very large amount of the mysterious resource that composed Evan's original power system. With this we should be able to replicate a much larger version of the one that had been powering, seemingly indefinitely, the research station I had first arrived at. Unfortunately it was going very fast and we would need to maneuver into position quickly to gather as much of it as possible. As we moved the ship about to get the best possible angle for extraction I came up with an idea to get more of the precious resource, though we would have to act quickly.

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