Sunday, October 3, 2010

A Step Back

After the star freezing incident I have been uneasy with my powers. I still do not know how my energies could have surged like they did and caused me to have to destroy an entire sun and with it a potentially life giving solar system. I continued my training, but due to my fear my powers were very weak. I could not heal even the smallest plant injury without several tries and I could only singe the things I threw fire at. The electric energy felt more like a tingle. I needed to get over my fears if I was going to be able to grow in my abilities. I knew what I needed to do, but I dreaded doing it. I had to try again at utilizing ice in order to overcome my fears, but I just couldn't do it.

As I continued trying to train the ship eventually informed me that there appeared to be something following us. It was small and hard to detect, much like the creatures that we had been unable to number in the habitat a few days ago. We sent out a probe to investigate what it was but when the image was about to be clear enough to see the probe was destroyed. We were definitely being followed by something and it didn't want us to know what it was. We determined our next destination to go to escape this potential foe and as the drive was about to engage there was an explosion and a violent shaking of the ship. We had been attacked and it had obliterated our drives, completely ripping through the protective hull in that section of the ship. Unable to move we now had to choice but to face whatever it was that was heading towards us.

My fears were realized as I felt the presence that was coming. It was the creature, it had found a way to take the small section of ship we had left it on and transformed it into another ship that it could use to pursue us. It had replicated the technologies we had been constructing and was able to follow us through our communication system. It also had learned in its brief time how to conceal its mindforce so that we would be unable to detect it until it was too late. It boarded the ship effortlessly, it was still far more powerful than our simple weapons. As it came towards the control room I tried to charge up some of my powers, but it was all in vain, my fear would not allow me to draw the energy I needed. It used some new type of mindforce I had never encountered and paralyzed me. It pulled up the ships controls and moved my helpless frame into the habitat.

I didn't have to wait too long to find out why it hadn't killed me instantly. When it finally brought me back to the control room I saw a small black device, much like my PDA except without a screen and it put me in the captains chair and engaged the implant function. It then started extracting all my alien knowledge and information about how the ship worked. It seemed to be trying to take some other knowledge as well but could not get the implant to pull it out. It then smiled at me with its wicked smile and moved the device and myself back into the habitat. The other technology in there was all translocated out and I heard the ship detach and jump away. Once the creature was gone his power over me ceased and I was able to move again. I grabbed the device he left and at my touch it came to life. The ship's intelligence had been moved into it but with a lot of its knowledge removed. It did however retain its personality and knowledge of me, the only problem was we were now stranded in the habitat with no ship to move us anywhere else. The creature had all it wanted from us and decided to let us suffer knowing that we were stuck here with little to no hope of escape.

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