Sunday, October 17, 2010


The approaching mass of energy seemed to cut through the original mass of creatures like butter. As they cut through the line of enemies around us and surrounded the complex I realized that the energy coming from them was that of the cat-like creature I had fought before. The creatures surrounded the complex and though their numbers didn't compare to that of the vicious creatures trying to destroy us their agility was far superior and they held their own. As they defended the complex I went up to the roof to survey all that was going on.

I wasn't sure if this was a turf battle or something else, the creatures fought well and seemed fairly evenly matched. For fear that this wouldn't go well if the cat-like creatures lost I decided that I would need to assist them. I instructed Evan to go down into the complex and keep everything shut, as he did this I began charging up the force I knew to be my strongest. The air chilled around me as I gathered more and more energy. I sensed the cat-like creatures adjusting their energy against mine, I knew that the one I had fought had to be among them because they seemed to know what was coming. As I reached the maximum that I dared to charge up I felt their energy finish its adjustment and hoped that it would be enough to spare them the pain of this attack. As I unleashed the energy around me I heard the leaves of the nearby plants crackle as the water froze inside of them. The mist that was left from the blast took a moment to clear, and as it did the sound of glass shattering filled the air. The cat-like creatures were decimating what remained of their vicious opponents. Some mearly had to be knocked over to shatter and the rest were ripped apart. Most of the glass sound came from the leaves falling to the ground. As the battle came to a close I went back into the building, hoping that the creatures would not now turn on us. Slowly I felt the energy of them move away except for one, this one I recognized as the one I fought. I went out to see it and as I stepped out onto the frozen landscape it looked at me, in its eyes it looked like it was smiling. It then ran off and I was left in the cold, watching my breath form little puffs of smoke.

I must have been standing there gazing out at the battlefield for a bit, by the time Evan came out to get me my fingers were getting numb. He brought my attention back to current matters by reminding me about the strange energy that was being detected behind the ship. We set out to the location, we had to walk as I had no more energy left to perform a jump, not that Evan would be able to go with me if I did anyway. He brought the solar gun with him, just in case. As we walked across the frozen grass it crackled beneath our feet. We avoided the carnage as best we could, I knew we'd have to get it cleaned up soon. As we left the area where all the fighting had happened I breathed in the clean, crisp air and marveled at the salvation we had received from these creatures.

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