Thursday, October 14, 2010

Shifting Target

I must have slept a bit, at least I felt I had some energy when the sound of metal being ripped to shreds was all around me. Apparently the first creature hadn't been thrown poorly or improperly because there it was with a small army of the creatures with it. I didn't even have my armor on when they had finished tearing through the vehicle. The shock of my own energy stung as I sent the largest blast of energy I could muster through everything around me, they all jumped back and a few were clearly injured. I knew this wasn't going to be a good fight for me, there were far too many and they looked particularly pissed off. As they all began closing in on me I knew I had only one way out of this mess. I charged up the energy and hoped for the best as I unleashed it.

I had only moments every time I unleashed the energy, each time trying to make it stronger though it was difficult when you had no time to focus. It was effective and I hadn't destroyed myself yet. On the plus side each use was getting easier, requiring less effort. The creatures were clearly puzzled how I was doing this but they continued attacking despite the losses on their side. I was slightly amused as the fight continued, though also horrified at how effective this tactic was, it really shouldn't be, not for creatures that were smart enough to fight as these things did. However, it really did show just how aggressive they were, I mean, how many creatures continue attacking despite it being the wrong target they just grabbed hold of? The first attack had probably reduced their numbers by a quarter of the total, they had simply kept killing what they had hit and since I had successfully jumped ten meters away it wasn't me. Each jump seemed to add a meter or two and they were probably down to about twenty out of the innumerable amount that had started in this battle, it was getting to a number I might be able to handle if I never allowed them to hit me.

They had stopped killing each other, their numbers didn't cause that kind of confusion anymore. I had been successful in sending a few away though I felt them coming back, but while their numbers were down I was able to fry a few of them before having to translocate again, my distance was getting to the point that I had time to charge up a good attack before they caught up again. As I whittled down their numbers in this manner I heard Evan's voice through the communicator, he had finished the prototype engines and was ready to test. I jumped one more time to avoid the creatures and instead of retaliating against them I charged up more energy for a jump, as I focused on my destination I sensed them charging at me, however I was gone before they could reach me. As my vision cleared I looked around, my jump had been successful and I had performed a complete translocation and ended up within a few meters of the main facility. I knew the creatures would probably be trying to track me down now, but I knew I'd have some time to develop some defenses once we tested out the engines.

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