Friday, October 15, 2010


The engine design was sound, the simulations showed that it should be able to provide some momentum to this colossal ship though not much. We would be able to maneuver through the local system but I would likely die of old age before we reached any other system. The engines caused the hull of the ship to vibrate, not quite as bad as the first gravity jump we did but enough to disturb the surrounding wildlife. We kept them running for now, we needed to get closer to a planet so that we could gather more resources for further construction. The biggest problem we were facing with the system currently was that there simply was not enough energy to drive them any harder and it would be much less once we left a solar system. The solar panels did great, they produced a lot of energy however the engines sucked up a lot more than they could make which meant we had to keep the speeds down in order to maintain or own systems. We could try to reproduce the power system that had been giving life to Evan when we were first stranded here, it possibly would produce much more if we made a large enough version however some of the materials inside were unknown at this point. Our only hope would be to continue gathering resources and hope the ones we needed would show up.

With the energy grid already taxed we had to resort to traditional ammunition for the turrets, this meant that we could only defend ourselves so long as our resources were plentiful. Luckily we could use the heavy energy storage system to hold the rounds and so the turrets wouldn't need to be reloaded mid-defense. I knew that we would have some problems with the system as we had not yet figured out how Evan originally had sensed mindforce power, and I was sure the creatures I had fought were stealthy. Instead we had to settle for normal sensing and then have a control chair that I could use to manually take down the enemy. We also implemented a few optic sensors as well to assist in this, however the creatures might be too close by the time they were seen. With these defensive measures in place we began work on the next piece of technology, though I was less helpful with this as I had to keep sensing which creatures were nearby.

The long range sensors we constructed would allow us to figure out which planets and asteroids had the best resources, sort of a preliminary scan of what we would find before we went there. With them online we began checking which direction would have the greatest yield for us. As we set our course the sensors started to pick up a strange energy signature behind the ship, we were about to go investigate that when I started to sense a mass of energy approaching quickly. The assault was about to begin.

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