Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Assault

It had to be all of them. There were so many creatures that they seemed like the biggest thing I'd ever sensed, though there were fluctuations in their energy pattern that told me it was many creatures and not one massive thing coming towards us. I sat in the chair and felt out the controls, tuning them to shoot where I felt. The creatures weren't quite in range but they would be in just a few minutes. Evan grabbed a solar gun he had designed, it wouldn't fire quickly but it would have unlimited ammo so long as there was enough light to charge it up. His position was on the roof of the complex. As they drew closer the mass of energy parted and began surrounding the complex, they were going to make sure we couldn't escape by foot. As they started to get into range I felt another energy building as well. This energy was suppressing, I did my best to ignore it, however as I aimed to start taking them down it dawned on me what this was. They were using their own mass of energy to ensure my ability to translocate would fail. I would either have to win this battle or perish.

I couldn't keep up with them, there were so many. Evan did his best and the optical sensors helped a lot, as I suspected the technology could not sense them at all. My control over the guns was good, however with them coming in wave after wave I had a hard time defending the side that was being assaulted. On top of all of that the ammunition count was dropping quickly and the creatures didn't go down with just one shot. Evan's gun was far more effective, taking down several per shot, however with the charge time it couldn't keep up either and the night cycle of the ship was approaching. I desperately tried to think of another tactic but it was difficult when my focus needed to be on defending this facility. All hope already seemed lost but the approach of another mass of energy made it worse. My heart fell as it came closer and my ammunition ran out.

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