Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Next Project

For using subpar equipment the entity didn't do too bad in gathering resources. It used the giant capacitor to store up energy and used that energy to cause explosions that allowed it to get the signals of the resources using the equipment attached to it. Using these resources I got to work on my project for the day, constructing some refiners to make this all a bit easier. The entity had ideas for its own things, but it settled for me creating the new technology first. As I worked away trying to create a crude refiner the entity continued exploring the habitat, scanning everything it could find.

The finished product wasn't very efficient, the refined resources still had impurities in them however this was no different than what I was doing before, just faster. The entity made the scans of the technology and then presented the next thing it wanted constructed for itself. The entity had several blueprints for me to work from, all of them to construct something quite a bit more complicated. Luckily the refiners would cut down on the time this would take.

As the day wore on the project continued. It was a large undertaking to construct this new piece of technology for the entity, but from what I could see in the design of it the effort would be very worth while. I continued on as long as I could until exhaustion made it impossible. The project was near completion but it would have to wait until the next day to be finished. As I drifted off I heard the entity tell me something about going to gather more materials for the next project, I simply made acknowledgment of its statement and it was off.

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