Saturday, October 30, 2010

All Together Again

I wanted to thank her for helping me, but I had no idea how to sign that in a way that she would understand. We spent a few more hours in the cave learning as much of each other's language as we could. By the time we were done we could each describe in a very basic manner what was in the cave and what we were wearing or carrying. We could even describe each other's features. We had also learned to say each other's name. Her name was Ambrilestri Vornamel, however after some effort I found a slightly shorter name that she would settle for; Ambri. Once we had these basics down we left the cave, the exit being the direction she had come from. As we exited the tunnels the sky was visible, and more than just visible, it was the night sky. I could see stars and a nearby moon. It was like I was on a planet again except things were moving across the sky in a way that was consistent with a ship moving. I realized that I must have been down there for quite some time and Nasero and Evan had continued improving things.

We had to walk for quite a while before I got my bearings. We took our time and learned more and more of how to communicate with one another. It was a joy being with her, she had a desire to learn and her laugh was sweet, despite it usually being in regards to my inability to pronounce some of the things she was teaching me. Once I knew where I was and the direction of the complex we made our way in that direction. It was going to be quite a walk to get there but we had many things to point out and learn how to say them. She took the time to groom herself as we walked, fixing her disheveled hair. It was while she did this that I finally got to see a few more of her features, her arms appeared to have a few of the crystals in them as well and her ears had some extra lobes to it running along the back side, they were long and slender. The lobes were all naturally decorated with these tiny crystals. She had more natural tattoos hidden in a few other locations along her arms and neck, each one with the same mesmerizing patterns as the ones on her face, but these didn't draw any attention elsewhere. I hoped at some point I would know how to ask her questions about these crystals and tattoos but for now we simply settled on basic communications.

As we approached the main building she seemed to get a little agitated, I did my best to assure her that this was a safe place to be. This seemed to calm her a bit but not completely and she was clearly on her guard. Evan was the first one to greet us, when he stepped out of the building she ducked behind me. Evan inquired who she was and I explained all that had happened. As I told him the story he seemed quite amused although a bit concerned about such a creature being in the habitat, he had been improving the sensors and had not found any type of beast such as what I described, nor had he detected a being such as Ambri. The more I conversed with him the more Ambri seemed to be at ease, realizing that Evan was a friend. It wasn't until Nasero joined the conversation that she was afraid once more. A voice coming from nowhere was of great concern to her, and so with some coaxing we took her inside to show her Nasero. She was fascinated with him, he projected a human image that he and Evan had designed in my absense so that there would be a being to interact with. She passed her hand through his projection several times and walked around him, inspecting this incorporeal being that was trying to communicate with her. Using his ability to visualize things Nasero began teaching her more of the language we used and I took the opportunity to get some much needed sleep.

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