Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Mini Miner Bot

As useless as I thought the technology was, I knew it was the best chance I had to get the entity back to a working knowledge level and so I created a very crude version of the life scanner, it was large, clunky and hideous, however it worked well enough given what I had to work with to create it. This would be the first way for the entity's device to interact with and learn about what was around it. After the device was constructed and we had figured out how to attach it to the prison it occupied it began scanning everything that came near. As it learned more and more about its surroundings again I worked on constructing a second scanner, I needed two so that it could start to learn about the technology I was making as well.

After I had finished constructing the second scanner and the entity was keeping itself busy with learning about the device I began working on creating resource finders and extractors, I had very limited materials left and I needed to be able to find more quickly, as for the explosives I simply was out of luck and would have to rely on generating signals for it to detect a different way. Before I was even half finished with them the scans started, it was learning pretty well though it had nothing new to bring to light yet regarding how to improve the technology given the limited resources. As I finished up the devices the entity projected a screen of a blueprint to follow. Upon examination of it I figured out that it had found a way to combine the two scanners into one with multiple signal processing. The extractors were left alone for now, but with this new blueprint I could deconstruct the ones I had made and construct a new one and have some left over resources for the next project.

As I finished up the new scanner, which had a port for the entity to sit in to power it and control it a new blueprint was presented to me. This time the entity had come up with an integrated extractor but had also added some other features to it. The design that was presented had legs and holsters for the other devices we had made so far. It also had what looked like a solar panel and a very large capacitor. I wasn't sure exactly how I would be able to make it all and so I asked the entity how it anticipated the construction of such technology, to this it responded simply by presenting other blueprints for the various pieces and instructions for what the pieces could be shaped from for now. With these details I got to work carving wood, melting down the extractors I had already made and shaping all the circuitry in new molds. The solar panels proved the hardest to do, they didn't produce much power but the entity informed me that it wouldn't take too much to power these devices. Once I had finished constructing the various parts and putting them together I placed the entity's device on it and the machine started to move around. It wasn't very fast, but now the entity was mobile. It informed me that it would work on extracting more resources and bring them back so we could work on the next technology we would need. As it skittered away I felt relieved, it would be able to get the resources we desperately needed while I slept.

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