Thursday, October 7, 2010

Meet Evan

Sleep had been difficult, I was too excited about completing this new project. I got enough sleep to rest my body, but I was still weary. I spent the morning finishing up what the entity had presented to me and as it came to completion I was filled with excitement over what this would mean for us. When it was done I removed the entity from its holster in the previous construct and placed it carefully in the new one and then hooked up the solar panel so it would have enough energy to actually function, hopefully we'd be able to come up with better technology soon because if this worked as well as I hoped we would be able to accomplish a lot more. Once I was done I stepped back as the entity brought it all to life. It moved around freely in its new form and it was wonderful to behold, like watching a child learning to walk.

After the entity had finished learning to balance and fully use the new body it looked at me and asked what I thought. I told it how I liked the new design and was glad that it hadn't chosen a form too similar to the drones. It was definitely still humanoid in shape, especially with the fingers and toes, but it didn't look like a drone. It had used my body as a model for this new skeleton. It now had legs, feet, arms, hands and a head. More pieces would come soon enough I was sure, but the entity now had a body that it could interact with the environment in and to do construction itself. I decided that it finally needed a name. As I thought about it I was inspired by the evolution of the machine and so I chose the name Evan. When I told it the new name it seemed pleased. I then informed it that the name was masculine and that the proper reference I would have towards it would be 'he' and its various forms. With this he seemed pleased and then set out to use his new body for the next project. With this I was free to pursue some of my own personal endevours.

My focus was still on perfecting my ability to use mindforce. I didn't feel as much fear this time as I had before. I was fully convinced that the creature had interfered with my training in an effort to destroy me. To start off I wanted to be able to sense more around me, I wanted to reach as far as my brain could so that if that thing ever came back I would know it before it was too late. I spent the majority of the afternoon in doing this, slowly expanding my sphere of clairvoyance. I could sense many creatures around me by the time Evan interrupted my training, among them I could feel the little cat-like creature I had battled before, it seemed to be staying near and keeping an eye on us. Evan had interrupted my training to show me his project which he said was nearly done given the materials he had to work with. We went back to the sanctuary we were maintaining and to my surprise he had constructed a building there for us to sleep in. It was solid and would offer us much more protection from some of the creatures that lived in this habitat with us. Not to mention it also gave us a good area to work in, much cleaner. We would be able to improve a lot of technology when we could remove more of the impurities in it. He then took me to the next thing he had been working on.

It was another building, he was definitely adept at construction. This building had a much more complicated door system to it, air tight he told me. He wasn't quite done with everything in it but as I peeked in I saw some technology being constructed against the wall. It appeared to be a much larger version of the finder/extractor I had constructed earlier. The quality of it was much better than mine, but I figured that was to be due to Evan's ability to work with smaller things. As I asked him about this he informed me that there were not many resources left in this habitat that he could take without disrupting the ecosystem. This technology in this room when it was finished would go outside the habitat and be able to mine from a distance the nearest space rocks that could be found. This should give us quite a few more resources to work with which should greatly improve our situation. Things were definitely starting to look up.

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