Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Shifting Light

I pulled at the crystals, trying to find a sizable one that would come free to illuminate my way. After trying a few one wiggled a little and so that one I pulled harder. As the crystal broke free of the rock it was embedded in my hand brushed across another, creating a deep gash. I set down the shard I just freed and focused some healing energy into my hand, the wound closed up just enough to stop bleeding but there was still a big red mark that would start bleeding again if I weren't careful. Some blood had dripped onto the glowing shard I had pulled free. As I wiped it clean the color of the shard shifted from white to pink, it made everything look very mystical but harder to distinguish. I turned to see if I could extract one that didn't emit such a strange color but they had all shifted to this strange pink hue. I thought little of it, I'd seen stranger things than that and I needed to get out of here. As I moved about exploring the different passages and finding numerous dead ends I felt my energy returning. I thought this a little odd given the fact that I was exerting so much effort in my exploration.

At one point in the exploration I found a large stick, I decided that fire would probably produce better light and so after wrapping some cloth around the end of it I used a little bit of fire force to ignite it. As the flames illuminated everything around me the shard shifted color to red which made my torch quite ineffective. Frustrated I tossed the torch to the side and continued on in the red light. As I went deeper into the tunnels the urge to turn around pressed heavily on my mind, there was no way to tell which way was out and panic was settling in. I could try to translocate but without knowing where I was it would be a very risky attempt. The tunnel seemed to be getting warmer, which was strange considering that the deeper I went the colder it should be because I'd be approaching the hull of the ship if I were going deeper. When the sweat started trickling down my face I decided it was time to turn around and escape this heat. As I quickly made my way back up the tunnel the heat continued to intensify and by the time I made it back to the torch I was getting close to passing out. As I glanced at the torch it dawned on me what was might be happening and I quickly shot a blast of ice at the flames, extinguishing them in an instant.

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