Wednesday, October 20, 2010


The plants were pleasant. The energy they emitted was nothing near what that beast of a creature had done before and their personality was good. They seemed to want to serve us in this ship that we had constructed and picked up on what we taught them quickly. We plugged in the other technological systems and had them grow and restructure them with the same biotechnology that they had done with the systems before which allowed us then to create new types of technology using what they had created in our own designs. They even made it so that not all created technology would be part of the hive mind, this way we could have non-sentient tools. It took more time to create the biomechanical tools as opposed to constructing the normal ones, however there were clearly some benefits to using the new tools, some of the top reasons being that the biomechanical ones could interact with mindforce, meaning we could detect it and construct tools that could use it, giving us the ability to construct healing devices that Evan could use without the need of the super rare resources that those normally would require.

Evan spent quite a bit of time at the new crafting terminal constructing new pieces and parts for his system, each one made him more and more capable and made him look less like a machine. His greatest joy came when he found that he had access to his own mindforce powers with these upgrades. He spent some time learning each one, it didn't take him long to master each force energy he could and his powers were much greater than mine. One thing I did notice however was that his powers seemed more like the ones that were unlocked with technology than the natural ones I was experiencing, which meant that he might have a limit on how many he could have or how strong they could be. With him busy experiencing all these new abilities I took advantage of the freed up construction interface and upgraded my wrist computer, it would help to have some extra radar abilities to keep track of things around me which might allow me to focus on increasing my own potential due to the lack of needing to use part of my focus on keeping track of what was around me. I also decided that because of the acceptance we were having of the new intelligence that it deserved a name. I worked with a few words I knew until I had a list to choose from. After some debate I ended up settling on Nasero, it seemed to be a fitting name for such an entity as these were. I informed them of their new name and set out to continue my personal mindforce training.

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