Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Power of Ice

After the analysis of the data I realized that the creature I had fought had actually attuned its energy to mine and the attack it threw at me was my own. The creature was able to detect mindforce energy and its defense against it was to throw it back, however with my powers being more mature than that creature's I was able to gather and throw the energy faster than it could adjust to repel it. It would definitely make for more interesting practice to have a creature that could always adjust to what I was using against it. The ship's data also helped me to understand the difference in how my energy was flowing when I had been focusing on it and when I had to use it quickly. Too much focus was a hinderance to the potential use of the energy, I needed to learn to be focused but without forcing the mindforce to manifest its power. I decided that with this information I would try a new force, something I had heard of but never got a chance to try. Today I wanted to learn how to harness the power of ice.

To start off my training I went to the waterfall I enjoyed relaxing by. I sat by the pool at the bottom of the fall and closed my eyes, meditating on the water and how it flowed. I recalled the power I felt with fire and tried to find a flow that was against it, a flow of energy that would produce the opposite effect. My first efforts at manifesting this flow ended up boiling the water and causing small splashes mostly. I was still fighting my inner abilities. I decided to take a break and wandered the path through the habitat. I recalled the few times I had encountered the Thorifoid on Calypso. They had power over ice. I remembered what it felt like when they attacked. The bitter cold that came every time they cast forth their powers. As I continued walking and thinking about this cold I heard a sound like glass breaking. I turned around and beheld a leaf that had fallen from one of the trees, it was frozen solid and had shattered. I looked up and saw a few more leaves had frozen as well and realized that my abilities were causing them to freeze, by my rememberance and focus on the feeling of cold I was able to tune into the mindforce powers that allow for cyrogenics.

As I rushed back to the water to practice some control over this power I saw frost appearing on the ground as I went. My mind was still gathering this energy to it and I needed to figure out how to unleash it. I stopped where I was and tried to let it go, but the more I tried the stronger it got. A panic started to come over me, I could feel my body temperature dropping from the excess power flowing through it. As I looked for a way to get rid of the energy the ship informed me that if I unleashed it now I would probably destroy the ship and everything in it. Not sure what to do I told the ship I had to get rid of it or risk destroying everything anyway. The ship responded that it would create an opening long enough for me to release the energy through, all I would need is something to direct it at as that is what I seemed to be missing. At that the ship opened up a hole above me, using its gravity control it kept the atmosphere in but without the hull of the ship I could feel the immense heat of the star bearing down on me, trying to destroy me. To this my body responded as the ship hoped, my energy had an enemy to attack and so the power found a direction to go, I unleashed it all at the star.

When I woke up my body ached and my head throbbed. I had been moved to my bed. I asked the ship what happened and it informed me that I had passed out from all the energy escaping my body. It was unable to tell me why I couldn't stop gathering the energy though and so I knew I'd have to try again to harness this power, hopefully with better results. The ship then said I needed to see something and so I went to the control room and peered out at what we were facing. The star that my wrath had been cast towards was growing dim, the mindforce power had started a cooling process within it that would kill the star and with it any hope of the surrounding planets to have life. With that we left the system. I was humbled by the power that could be attained through use of mindforce but was still unsure where the surge had come from. For now I needed rest, my head was killing me and even my healing powers could not make my body stop aching.

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