Tuesday, November 16, 2010

We Ended Up Where?

With the crystals being in most of the technology we had created recently it allowed for easy access to boosting the effects through non-technical means. I took Ambri with me to the closest shield generator and informed Evan of my plan. He quickly returned to the control room to take advantage of the extra energy we were about to have and hopefully be able to pull us free of the gravitational forces. We poured our ice forces into the shield, allowing the shield to temporary work as a temperature regulator and Evan redirected the energy from the regulators to the engines. Even at twice the power it still wasn't enough. There was one more hope though to get free: the translocation drive. I knew that with the engines alone it still wouldn't be able to pull us free but if Evan could keep the ship cool and I could go to the drives I might be able to give them a little bit of a boost.

With Evan and Ambri pouring their powers into the shield the ship was slowly continuing to heat up. Nasero prepared to put everything he could into the jump and as I arrived at the drive we got another communication from the other ship. With all the energy pouring into the shield he was able to tell who we were and began threatening us, thinking that we had been the ones to put him in this situation. Nasero calmly informed him that this wasn't the case and we were in as much danger as he was, with that he filtered out the frequency and I began charging up a massive amount of energy. The other ship then fired at us and in a different frequency he laughed and said if he were going to perish we would too. As the projectile closed in on us Nasero fired up the drives and I poured all I could into them. I heard a lot of noise coming through the different communication channels, they sounded like screams or laughter or possible both but there were so many voices that I couldn't tell which one was doing what.

When I came to Ambri was there, she smiled at me when I opened my eyes and told me I had done it, I had once again saved her life and the lives of everything on the ship. My body told me otherwise, it told me we had died, it felt like it was going to just fall apart. This hero business was going to be the death of me, I really just need to give it up. As I slowly got up and found out what happened I learned that the shot the other ship had taken against us had missed, we had jumped before it reached us. The stars that we hadn't been aware of were not where we were heading, the impact with the heavy energy had actually thrown us way off course and then to top that off the jump had been far too powerful to control and so we had ended up in another random, though safer, location. Ambri was a little sad at how lost we were but was happy to have survived the ordeal. Nasero had constructed and deployed probes with our technologies to start mapping out the current galaxy we were in, which could be the same one but we had no idea as nothing was familiar. I inquired about the noises I heard when I had blacked out and was told that one of the screams was Ambri, the laughter was the creature on the other ship, Evan and Nasero had been cheering as the ship started to move, which then changed the laughter to screaming threats. All in all, I was probably glad I missed most of it. I now knew however that we were going to be hunted if he were able to escape the forces of those stars.

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