Friday, November 12, 2010

Oh See the Pretty Colors

I suppose it was because of the excitement that I forgot to mention it. The first jump was very short with the new drive. I set a start and end to it and when we fired it up we heard a loud bang and then almost immediately another as we entered and left the accelerated state of momentum. When I had asked Nasero if he was able to see or sense anything he said the jump was far too quick and had been expecting something different. That's when I realized that I hadn't explained the modification I had to make to the process to ensure that the technology could actually work accurately for us. I had designed the drive to only start and stop the jump process, which meant we broke the barrier we needed to and stayed there until we told it to leave again, this meant we didn't have to have a knowledge of where we were going but instead could just go where we pleased, though in order to turn we would have to stop and make the maneuver as the technology could only go in straight lines. The first jump at least told us that the technology was properly functioning, that we could enter and leave as we needed to. The next test was to run it longer to see what Nasero could see or sense and so after calculating just how far we went in that brief jump we took aim at an empty area in space and fired up the drive again.

It was brilliant, we heard the noise and as soon as the we recovered from this jolt we finally had the time to see. It was amazing what things looked like when you were in this state, I had never been in it for more than a moment and never realized that you could actually see anything. Colors flashed by, we assumed they were stars. It took a couple of minutes for Nasero to test all his sensors to try to verify what some of the things were that caused these colors but he quickly started to get the hang of it. We didn't want to go too far and so once he had a feel for this he gathered some data and we stopped, in all our jump lasted about five minutes. When we stopped we were again briefly blinded and when we could see clearly we saw that we were exactly where we aimed, in the middle of nowhere. The closest system was still the one we had just left, however not by much. It appeared this system would work wonderfully for moving around. For Ambri the new system was marvelous, she didn't much care for technology but this new stuff was more mystical than technical and she was enjoying every moment of it. I had to admit, I was enjoying it more than the technological advances the previous ship had as well.

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