Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Coming Home...

While the maps were being created and compared to the information we already had Nasero and I went over the data that was collected from the other ship. We were able to pull from the data the unique energy patterns of the ship and also figure out a way to track it if it came in range of our sensors. The heavy energy in a jump made it very easy to track as the signature of it was very unique when compared to all other things we had encountered. Scans of the ship showed that, aside from structural changes, nothing much had happened with the technology, which meant that the thief had little imagination in regards to improving it. This gave us hope of being able to overcome the technology at some point and disable the ship, unfortunately without having the knowledge anymore it would end up being trial and error. Nasero also used the data to upgrade the drives and his shielding so that we wouldn't encounter a problem like that again where something could interfere with our travels.

Our analysis of the information came to a halt when we heard a little squeal of delight. Ambri had been going over the new information coming in from the probes and had seen something she recognized. She informed us that she knew the constellation she had pulled up and so we had some of the probes redirect their current search to find possible planets that would have this particular grouping of stars. After about an hour they finally reported a habitable planet that was nearly devoid of life that could see this constellation. When we had the probe send us an image Ambri jumped in delight, it was her home planet. We immediately set course for the planet and within a few minutes we were there. We began by scanning the surface for signs of life, the probe had reported little life, so there must be something. Ambri wasn't watching the scans, she was staring at her home instead. The surface of the planet was brown and uninteresting, this troubled her as she knew her planet to be a very green and vibrant place. The scans confirmed what we feared, there was no plant life left on the planet and only one form of life seemed to be left. We sent a probe to the planet to confirm what the life was, though I knew already what it would be.

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