Monday, November 15, 2010

Heat Problem

It's hard to say how far we had gone, the galaxy we were in was being well mapped with each passing moment and we had yet to find any sign of Ambri's home or the old ship or really anything of any real interest at all. The systems were continuing to improve and we were developing faster scanners so that we could get details on these celestial bodies without sending a probe or having to stop, though I was sure we would eventually create probes to help map more systems as one ship even as fast as our's would take more than a lifetime to do alone. Ambri seemed depressed as she continued going through the mapped system looking for familiar constellations and glancing at the habitable planets. I did my best to help her but without having seen the planet I could do very little.

During another round of planet searches the ship suddenly shook very violently and we dropped back into normal space. The process of course no longer produced a blindness itself however when we stopped we were blinded by light. The ship turned away from this light so we could see and we found ourselves perched precariously between three stars, the gravitational forces made it impossible for us to move. It was strange that we hadn't seen these stars coming. I asked Nasero if he knew what happened to which he replied as I expected, he had no idea but he was working on figuring it out. It didn't take long for the heat from the stars to start affecting the inside of the ship. We did our best to boost the output of the temperature regulators however they simply could not keep up. Evan worked on performing some upgrades but our time was going to be very limited.

It didn't take long for Nasero to inform us of what happened. It wasn't a gravitational force that had caused the ship to have to return to normal space, it was a heavy mass of energy that caused it. He was working on finding the source. Meanwhile I worked on boosting the shield output to help block some of the heat from reaching us. Our systems were being strained to maintain any semblance of habitability in the ship. As the shields reached the maximum I could push them to I felt something familiar. Nasero at this point found the source of the energy mass and I knew exactly what he was about to show me.

The old ship was stuck with us between these stars, though it had undergone quite a few changes, and neither of us were able to move. The energy we had run into was this ship, because of the nature of the heavy energy when the ship jumped it had been able to interfere with our own travels and both of us failed to stay in our particular layers of space. I felt his presence in the ship and as he hailed us to request assistance I realized he could not recognize the ship or the energy signatures inside of it. Unfortunately with us trying to just survive in this situation we had no way of taking him down, however when I told Nasero that he was our target he made sure to keep the data he had gathered regarding the interference. We allowed Nasero to respond to him, telling him that we were stuck as well and would not be able to render assistance unless we were able to escape. I was tempted by the thought of using a translocation jump or a wormhole to get to the ship and take him out, though I realized that I still may not be strong enough to fight him and my assistance was needed to keep my friends alive. As I struggled with this I saw Ambri out of the corner of my eye, she was not faring well in the increased heat and the sight of her brought me back to my senses. I realized vengeance wasn't near as important as these beings were to me and with my senses restored I had an idea.

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