Sunday, February 13, 2011

Work for Almost All

Nasero and Evan were so excited about the information we were getting from the device that they couldn't wait, so Evan took a ship he had constructed for himself and went directly to where the device was, poor Nasero would have to be patient to see it directly. Once there the drone was recommissioned into a more advanced scanner and Evan took over the project of learning about this power source. I was sure we were going to see some upgrades come from his research very quickly. Nasero, not having direct access to the power source, decided to talk to Nira about her project, trying to figure out what it was she was working on that needed so much power, but even he couldn't figure out what it was. We were all getting very anxious about this project, it just wasn't our normal practice to create a technology that required more power than we could supply for it. She informed us it would be worth the wait and she had already cut the consumption down by over half, but it still required more power than the ship could currently give us. We tried to offer a few options but she told us it was the ship that had the right type of power for the project, no external one would do, the ship would simply have to be improved. She also said absorbing ambient energy would help, but it still wouldn't be enough power generated at a fast enough rate to be effective. Storing up energy in a large battery type device wouldn't do either, for some reason the energy had to be fresh and new to be effective in this technology. I didn't even know there was a difference, though I supposed it could be that what the technology would do is destroy the stored up energy all at once causing a huge explosion, but she wouldn't clarify on that. I decided to take the hint she gave and got to work analyzing energy as it was created in the ship as opposed to being stored up.

To me there didn't seem to be any different in the energy coursing directly out of the power source of the ship as opposed to energy we stored up in any device using any available source of power. Energy was energy, but she still insisted there was something special about fresh energy from this ship. I left her to her work after this and communicated with Evan about what he was discovering. To my surprise he said the power seemed different in how it worked, not completely just being generated but it seemed to already be doing something as it was created in this device. It also reacted differently if you tried to access it, the power seemed to move from what you tried to attach. He had also unconvered some information encrypted deep within it that seemed to belong to the original builders, he had already passed this information on to Nasero who was busy trying to figure out what it said. I hoped it might be some information about how the technology worked, or at least give us some idea of where it came from so we could go to the planet and look for other clues. All in all I felt pretty helpless with it all, I couldn't help any of them with their current projects and I didn't have anything major I desired to work on, I had already completed my current goals and it wouldn't be until the next cube that I hoped to find something new to inspire me.

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