Monday, February 28, 2011


It was a long shot, but with our distance from The Behemoth we had the best chance of pulling it off. We would have to use all our improved technology and all three control pods, it would require quite a bit of concentration and energy as well, luckily we had it in excess at the moment. The project began with just a basic layout of the ship, nothing fancy, it was enough just to create that with all its various properties that would make it believable. Then our flow of energy turned towards the little things that would make it more realistic, even going so far as to create our own energy patterns in it that were close to the feel of us, but only an expert would be able to detect the slight change. The fake ship made of mindforce energy looked spectacular as we continued its construction, I was glad we had spent so much time working on this skill, at least Ambri and I did, Nira did her best and it was enough to help us out. Once we had it as far as we could take it, for we knew if we went too far we would use up too much of our energy and it would discipate too quickly, we unleashed it beside us, it kept pace and performed all the maneuvers we needed it to but stayed close enough that the other ship wouldn't notice it yet. We then gathered up quite a bit of shared energy between us to try to stealth ourselves so that when we broke away from the fake ship, which would change course soon, The Behemoth might follow it instead of us and buy us some more time to get some upgrades done and make it to the system before it found out about our ruse.

Once the energy was gathered up we performed our mindforce cloak on the entire ship and then broke away, a few moments later the fake ship changed its course. It would be a little while before it would be safe to remove the cloak. The strain of keeping an entire ship cloaked with just our own powers soon took its toll however, and we began losing our grip on the cloak. Once we felt it begin to falter we decided to conserve the rest of our energy and let it fall away completely. I then used the sensors as best I could to see if I could find the other ship, I knew it would be difficult and we wouldn't know for absolute sure unless we stopped, but we still needed to get some distance before we took that chance. With nothing turning up on the sensors we changed our heading back towards the system that we believed had the planet we were seeking. We would not stop until we reached it, but until then we could continue working on the parts we would need to upgrade the ship when we did stop.

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