Thursday, February 10, 2011

Feeling the Flow

Absolutely delicious! I never imagined that it would taste this good, you just never think that it would have a flavor, and each one having its own very unique taste to it. I could have just rolled around in it all day feeling the different parts of me being nourished, though I was sure Nira and Ambri would give me some looks. Stars are simply wonderful things to behold in and of themselves, but tasting the light they put out was something new and exciting. By interfacing with the ship through the control pod I could actually find the right systems and paths within them to feel what food tasted like to the ship. The minerals had been interesting to take in, but it wasn't until I took advantage of the photosynthesis that I got something I wasn't expecting. I had no idea different colors of light would have different flavors to plants, but they did. I couldn't describe them as tart or sweet or bitter or any such normal term we would use, but the flavor came as a sensation. I don't think there was any that was necessarily bad, but each one had its place and depending on where it was being absorbed completely changed the feeling. Using these sensations I could automate the ship to take full advantage of the different lights that were hitting it and optimize its nourishment. The ship would now rock back and forth and adjust course to get the most of it all without delaying us too much, I'm sure if someone else saw us they would think we were drunk, but once the adjustments were made the ship responded better and seemed to grow a bit stronger. It also had an impact on the virtual world, with the right lighting I could help our plants survive even better, and now knowing the different feelings and effects I was sure I could make these plants produce abundantly. The next test would be to see how different minerals in the water affected the systems and when it was best to get it and through what means. I knew Nira probably had experienced this quite a bit, but she hadn't really been excited enough about it to make these changes. Once I was sure I had it all configured right I left the pod and had Ambri and Nira give it a try.

I was right in my thoughts that they wouldn't be quite as thrilled about it, but Nira did mention it was a vast improvement in the nutrients the ship was producing which would also help her to be healthier as she was still attached enough to the ship that her sustenance came from it. We were still working on it, but were finding it difficult to detache her intellect from the ships computers and thus couldn't separate her virtual body either, ultimately anything bad that affected the ship enough would cause her harm. We were still working on how to fix this problem, but she didn't seem too worried about it. Before I could get to work on the next enhancement to the ships automated functions Nira returned to the pod and got to work on her project, I knew I would be done with my work for today.

On this tiny little moon that we had given an atmosphere we spent time creating things of beauty. Training our individual powers meant not only using them as offense or defense, but also using it to do things that we never imagined had been possible. Using the right flow of the different elements we had control over we could paint scenes that could be seen and interacted with depending on what the creator wanted it to do. The scenes weren't permanent but they lasted a few days when they were completed. It took quite a bit of concentration and control to create it and you had to commit some energy to it to make it last any length of time, but we took the time to learn to do it. My favorite scene to construct was an underwater one, with tiny fish swimming about and the water moving above you, creating little rays of light that moved and danced about. Using this process we had learned a few more elements, they just seemed to reveal themselves when you were at peace with the energy you controlled. Ambri would often help me in creating the creatures of the deep and then spend some time making them do what we had desired them to do, mostly to swim off when you touched them, but some of them danced in the light. I had been working on this particular scene for awhile, it was always only partially done and I would probably never finish it as the first part would begin to discipate as I finished the last part. My goal was eventually to figure out how to replenish the energy of the scene before it faded, but most of the time the energy I put forward to go into it would just tear it apart. It was a very delicate thing and once you stopped what you were working on you lost the connection to it and would be unable to change or enhance it. So it was that this scene was always changing and being rebuilt, but the practice made it easier to do the art.

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